Kevin Annett Nobel Laureate allies ITCCS with Oathkeepers



Kevin Annett.. Nobel Laureate? Apparently he has been nominated for his work with Native people….really? And what of his many trips planned for this year back to Italy and to the U.S. (where he claims to be working with the Oathkeepers in New York)… And plans on releasing a ‘common-law’ handbook for people wanting to start their own Tribunals. Does he remember disrespecting the remains of murdered children at a Protest rally? Does he remember being told by the Mohawks at Six Nations to never return until he apologized? Does he forget the number of activists he has stabbed in the back and labelled black operatives? Of course not… He’s got a sponsor now.. Likely Jesus Christos – the Antichrist 666 of Now for all you trolls out there who will accuse me of being a ‘paid operative’.. Let me tell you that I can personally guarantee that Kevin will one day piss -off the wrong abuse survivor who won’t take his backstabbing whisper-campaign crap, or put up with him standing them up at the last minute. When the list of casualties he is accumulating grows there will be more eyes on him and more of those eyes will be on the side of the just.



Conflict and the Journey to Authentic Self – Goodbye Kevin

Conflict is fundamentally a clash of wills - and the clash arises first of all within each of the combatants. The first step on that walk up the hill is to take a step back from the present embroglio in order to cool down.  Fundamentally, the task begins with oneself. Ask first, without placing blame, how the conflict got started.  Look for the root of the strife within your own self and your own agenda, and shift the focus away from any preoccupation you might have with 'the other'.

Conflict is fundamentally a clash of wills – and the clash arises first of all within each of the combatants. The first step on that walk up the hill is to take a step back from the present embroglio in order to cool down. Fundamentally, the task begins with oneself. Ask first, without placing blame, how the conflict got started. Look for the root of the strife within your own self and your own agenda, and shift the focus away from any preoccupation you might have with ‘the other’. – From the Tao Oracle

The events of the past month have prompted me to write one last blog.

Claims made by Kevin Annett about his upcoming trial of Pope Francis, the shake up within the Gardai in Ireland, and the rise in arrests of so-called ITCCS workers around the world have demanded the worlds attention.   People, are in fact, sitting up and taking notice of the one man seeming to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders.  It is a position that I don’t envy him.  It must be very hard to continue to make claims about impending doom for the worlds Elite Criminals, knowing that people everywhere are watching you and that they are expecting results.  This is a sad fact of life in this New Age, that people who need to be free end up enslaving themselves in the ideologies of a guru.  They do this because they fail to look inward first, to see what mechanisms of psyche and spirit are broken and then do the work to try to fix them.  They refuse to acknowledge the flaws and cracks and point their finger elsewhere towards systems of outer enslavement like Church and State.  But how can I be critical of that when I too have failed to journey through what Jung called, “the dark night of the soul”?

Back in December of 2012, I had a glimpse of this journey when I came under personal attack by both friends and foes.  I felt stripped entirely of my ego, completely vulnerable and in that space of time was able to see Kevin for who he really was.  I tried to walk away, to let go of my grip on him, but there was something in me that was unable to fully release.  I hadn’t been willing to look at myself and why I was doing all this.  People were threatening me…threatening my life…calling my work…putting up several blogs attacking everything from the size of my nose to my ability to do my job.  One blogger has called me a prostitute and stated my employers should look very carefully at me should any of my patients die.  Pretty daunting considering most of my patients are 80 years old and up…what are the odds one of them will die when under my care???  Death is, after all, the one appointment we all must keep.

But what I’m talking about is the death of ego…my ego, and the pursuit of my Authentic Self.  For two years I’ve written to expose Kevin for what I believed he truly was… a con man and a liar.  But this is not accurate.  This is what Kevin DOES.  He con’s people and he lies…but that is not who he is.  He is a man, of flesh and blood, a brother to us all, whose journey might be to become the choice we have to make on whether to follow a guru or not.  His path in life may be to embody the mirror upon which all of humanity can look upon itself and see if it likes it’s reflection or not.

I have often commented on the irony of a ‘White Reverend’ telling the ‘Indians’ how to find justice… just like it was the ‘white reverends’ telling the ‘Indians’ how to become civilized.  Few Natives have agreed with what Kevin has done because he has repeated the sins of colonialism, but most white women (the majority of Kevin’s following is white middle aged women) will only wail and wring their hands at the stories of child rape and murder….never once studying colonialism, communism or socialism to understand that what Kevin is doing is concerted, calculating and purposeful.  So traumatized by their own ‘awakening’ are they, that they fail to ask for proof… for results….Show me the money!!  Instead the reply is “you don’t think these crimes happened?”…”you’re in league with the pedophile priests”…”you’re working for THEM!!!!”  Never once do they recognize Kevin as the mirror of the mentality that spawned the colonial ‘progroms’ around the world.

Recently, I read a comment by one of Kevin’s followers gleefully remark that it would be wonderful if the guillotine could be brought back as a form of ‘religious cleansing’ (Hugs and Light and Love!!!!!).  The message being that anyone speaking out against Kevin was deserving of this treatment because WE symbolized ‘sympathy for the devil’.  I wonder, though, how different this thinking is from the idea of rounding up ‘Indian Kids’ because they were ‘dirty pagans’ whose beliefs weren’t in line with the Christian invaders. How do you reason with un-healed, traumatized people, who desperately need their guru’s to feel empowered, and they will defend them in all manner of frightening ways; like a fear biting dog on it’s master’s leash.

However, I’ll admit that traumatized people can work equally hard fighting against and exposing those guru’s.  I myself was traumatized at various points in my life and that, combined with an equally traumatic awakening to what’s really going on in the world, made me what Dr. Phil would call a ‘right fighter’. Writing this blog has put me in CONFLICT (see Oracle card above) with Kevin which has taken my energies away from dealing with these trauma’s and healing them.  It’s only now that I’ve started working on myself, that I realize the problem does not lie with Kevin at all.

Imagine for a moment if we were all our ‘Authentic Selves’??  Would we need Kevin to set up Tribunals and International Courts of Justice? Would we need bench warrants and letters bearing seals in order to exact justice?  Would people be eager to bring back the guillotine and be making preparations for their own militia’s?  Would we be involved in exposing others, attacking others, harrassing others because of what they believe in?  Would we allow ourselves to be attacked?  Would we need to be ANONYMOUS?  The answer is of course not.  So where does the problem really lie?  I believe that if even half of the worlds population were to become truly authentic, spiritually in-tune, Humane Beings (yes I said Humane), then the Evil, Corrupt, Global Elite would have no power. None whatsoever.  Because we would become truly Sovereign OVER OURSELVES, and with that Sovereignty there can be no Overlord.  Without a willing slave there can be no master.

So what I’m saying to all the people following Kevin, supporting him, and even betting their futures on Kevin’s success, they will never be truly free. And for those of us who have been engaged in that external conflict with him, that we have in some way acknowledged his power and given him more credit than he was due.  The truth is that Kevin can do whatever he wants, say whatever he wants and have you believe whatever he wants.  That is his right.  He can try to sell us whatever he wants.  The question is do we have to buy it?  Or can we realize the power is within us (once we stop pointing our fingers) to change the world simply by changing ourselves first?  Can we walk away from the mirror?

Michael Tsarion gives us a lot to think about in this clip about the Authentic Self:

Post script:  Almost, 80,000 viewers have come to the blog….some inquisitive…some grateful…some hateful.  All took away a seed that either was discarded or allowed to plant roots and grow, but I am now finally ready to release my conflict with Kevin.. to delete this blog and the remnants of this work because it no longer serves a purpose for mankind.  It only serves to keep me from my authentic self and from doing some really great and truly important things.

It is my sincere hope and prayer that everyone be willing to start on their own path of self-discovery, to heal from the wounds inflicted on us by others, to learn from those experiences and our part in them, and to find forgiveness in our hearts.  I forgive and ask for forgiveness from those whom I have hurt and who have hurt me.  You have been great teachers and I am grateful.

This blog will shortly no longer be in the public domain.

I love you all…..that includes you too Kevin.

-Heather Martin


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The Final Curtain

Kevin Annett will never stop.  I know that despite the peace and quiet coming from that busy little machinery is working in the mind of Kevin Annett and that he (with his few remaining supporters Alfred Webre and Bill Annett) is strategising his next move.

Kevin Annett must be stopped german

What has become apparent to me is that now there are enough rational people around the world who have also begun to ask questions…do their research…and start their own blogs and forums to raise awareness in countries like Ireland, Poland, Austria, New Zealand, the U.S. etc…

He will have to reinvent himself in new places and will only have a hearing among the extremely deluded/borderline insane.  Rational activists, survivors, patriots will realize he poisons the well and will keep him as far away from their grass-roots causes as is possible.

The question for me has been what to do with the blog.  For now it will stay up, but I will no longer make posts to it.  I will however, be making available all of the documents, emails, screenshots etc…that myself and others have compiled over the past 17 months. Click the link HERE to access the REPOSITORY which will be added to over the coming months due to the sheer volume of information coming to light.

The Antichrist 666 - proud supporter of Kevin Annett since 2011

The Antichrist 666 – proud supporter of Kevin Annett since 2011

The reason for this post is that I’m tired, bored and sick of the crap.  It really is crap…this whole business…and I’ve wasted too much precious time on it.  I thought I was doing a service, doing something worthwhile and meaningful.  Then I had to put up with Timm Wheeler, Kitty Hundal and Pagan Media That Bites of the world.  These aren’t normal people…these are sick people and what’s worse is that they serve Kevin’s needs with their sick behavior.  I’ve been called a liar, a skank, been threatened, harrassed, libelled, etc.. etc… and it reminds me of that line in my favorite movie:

(methinks the lady doth protest TOO much)

Yup!  When else do you see the kind of desperate ranting on so many platforms….oh, well, sticks and stones and all that jazz.  It’s been great free publicity..and the kind that only proves how maniacal, desperately obsessed and unbalanced Kevin’s entourage really is.  The fact that Kitty Hundal (who believes that Tim Hortons employees are trying to poison her with a strange ‘white powder’ they put in her coffee) has taken over as Kevin’s internet bodyguard and PR agent, REALLY says a lot about the mental state of KA himself.  Once I held out hope that he hadn’t completely sold his soul to the devil, now I’ve abandoned that hope.

This brings me to my concluding statement.  The year ahead (unlike 2013) holds promise for me.  I’m hopeful not because the world is so much better than it was last year, but because I choose to see it in a better light.  I realize that I can’t fix the worlds problems…I can only fix me.  This year I will be focused on my own healing, my own spiritual journey, and letting go of this blog.  The spiritual part being the biggest and most important of all.  For in the grand scheme of things, humanity has bigger problems to worry about than some crazy, power-hungry ex-minister with no following who puts out URGENT ACTION ALERTS and who want’s YOU to bring about the next revolution.  These things are all external…the causes, the protests, the social movements, the politics…everything around us is an illusion of our making, but we risk losing the one thing that makes us human…our Soul and our DNA.   If we don’t recognize our need to preserve both, then we are lost.

“Technology is moving forward at a breathtaking pace, and it’s great!  But man has come to a complete stop and I believe it is probably fairer to say that he is moving backwards…..What we have to do is fix ourselves, we have to be morally sound.  We have to be able to articulate what we believe.  We also have to value life.  We will not survive if technology continues to increase at an ever-expansive rate, and our morality continues to decrease and we continue to head in the opposite direction of God, and begin to enter the territory previously only occupied by God.  We’re in Trouble.  But the future is bright if we go in with open eyes.”

See the above excerpts from the video below:

A Special Thanks to Greg Renouf, Ryan Elson, Lawrence McCurrey, and my dear friend Lydia White Calf.

Thank you all, dear readers, for the amazing ride!



Kevin Annett’s New Years Resolutions

Logo for the UN International Tribunal into Crimes in Rawanda

Logo for the UN International Tribunal into Crimes in Rawanda – Look familiar?

This week Kevin Annett issued a video stating that in 2014 his work will include bringing Pope Francis and Child Protective Services to justice as Part II and III of his ‘court cases’ brought forth by ITCCS.  He also claims that 30 human skeletons (of children) were discovered by pipefitters in Port Alberni, BC.  In the video below the shortest statement ever written by Kevin Annett, he admits in an interview with Alfred Webre that he will be working with the United Nations to bring about this justice.  Lets not forget that Webre too is an ex-Ford Foundation and United Nations employee, two organizations that have nefarious underpinnings:

“In the early 1920s Ford’s weekly newspaper, the Dearborn Independent, published a series of articles based on the text of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, an anti-Semitic tract that had been circulating in Europe.[2] Ford published a book-length compilation of the articles entitled The International Jew, which was translated into most of the European languages and was widely disseminated by anti-Semites, chief among them the German publisher Theodor Fritsch, an early supporter of Hitler. Thanks to a well-financed publicity campaign and the prestige of the Ford name, The International Jew was hugely successful both domestically and internationally.

Ford Foundation continues today to be associated with anti-Israeli sentiments (as does Webre) as is outlined in the article where the above and below excerpts can be found:

In June of 1974, UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim went out of his way to meet with the antisemitic PLO terrorists, something that Israel protested.[24] Did Waldheim’s behavior make sense? Sure it did: Kurt Waldheim had been a major – in fact, a decorated — Nazi war criminal, and so it makes perfect sense that he should have worked overtime, as UN Secretary General, to give international respectability to the PLO, an organization spawned by the same Final Solution for which Waldheim had worked so passionately and so prominently.[25] In November of the same year, Waldheim, supported by the Ford Foundation, tried again: the Ford Foundation was arranging for US senators and representatives to meet with UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim, and with the PLO, in order to promote the PLO as a political player with supposedly legitimate demands against the Jewish state, once again over the objections of the Israeli government.[26] To put all this in context, consider that only two years earlier, in 1972, the PLO had murdered innocent Israeli athletes at the Olympic Games in Munich, shocking the entire world.[27]. -A Skeptical Look at Ford Foundation: Does it’s Nazi Past Matter?

Read the entire article at:

Among right-wing Christians and conspiracy theorists alike, the UN represents the Beast of Revelation in the Holy Bible, and has some very strange things associated with it:


The United Nations meditation room: strangely symbolic according to some.

From Last Trumpet Ministries:

Two weeks ago, I was in the United Nations while on my seventh trip to New York City. I stood in the meditation room, which contains Satan’s altar. I went into this room to do spiritual warfare and bind devils through the blood of Jesus Christ. The room was designed by the late Secretary General of the UN, Dag Hammerjskold, who said that the black stone monolith or block is “every man’s god.” The room is 18 feet wide at the entrance, which in numerology is 3 sixes. The room is also 33 feet long and tapers inward to form a truncated pyramid. There is an abstract mural on the front wall, which is full of witchcraft symbols, and in the middle of the room, is a black stone block, which weighs exactly 6.5 tons or 13,000 pounds. The black stone block has a certain kind of magnetism about it, and when I walked into the room with my praying wife, I could sense the intense presence of an evil force beyond description. This is where the world leaders and Illuminati masterminds go to meditate, which is why it is open to the public only in the mornings. Once the sun moves from antemeridiem to post meridiem only the adept in witchcraft are allowed into that room, for that is witchcraft doctrine regarding meditation. As the sun gives way to waning light and the female power of the moon goddess, the meditation room at the UN becomes off-limits to what they call the “profane.” 

Kevin might try to poo-poo the whole UN Is Evil claims by some, let us not forget that the Holy See has “both a vote and a voice” within the United Nations Assembly:

“While permanent observers, such as the Holy See, cannot vote in the General Assembly, in most UN conferences they are granted the full status enjoyed by UN member states, including not only a voice, but also a vote. During debate, the Holy See, alone among the world’s religions, can make as many interventions as a member state.” – The Vatican at the United Nations: A Cause for Concern

So how does this fit with ITCCS’s mandate of using UN-NGO’s to bring down a Jesuit Pope?  Perhaps the kind of ‘division from within’ tactics that Kevin confessed to in his letters concerning Pope Benedict to ITCCS Ireland members is what he’s aiming at?  UN-NGO’s are already being used to precipitate change in the way the Vatican does business:

“Non-governmental organizations especially challenged the Vatican. Both the Youth Delegation and a wide coalition of women’s organizations issued open letters questioning Vatican positions in light of the church’s teachings, especially its strong commitment to the poor and marginalized, many of whom are women.

The “See Change” Campaign

The Holy See’s attempts to block consensus fueled an already active campaign by NGOs to change the Vatican’s status at the United Nations. The “See Change” Campaign has been endorsed by hundreds of NGOs, including Women Living Under Muslim Laws, Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations, Latin American and Caribbean Women’s Health Network, National Coalition of American Nuns and the American Humanist Association. With the premise that the Roman Catholic church should participate in the United Nations in the same way as do the world’s other religions — as a non-governmental organization — the campaign calls on the UN Secretary-General to review the church’s current status.

Change is essential. Why should the Vatican be on a par with countries that have a genuine citizenry, women, men, and children who are directly affected by the health care decisions made at the UN? The Vatican, many believe, has gone too far and concrete examples of what can happen when the separation of church and state is violated have captured the imagination of many. The “See Change” Campaign is an effort whose time has truly come.”

Is it a wonder that Kevin appropriated laurel leaf symbol from the UN Logo?

A bogus 'bench warrant' using the laurel leaf symbol

A bogus ‘bench warrant’ using the laurel leaf symbol


p.s.  Stay tuned for an article to come on part 2 of Kevins claims of pipefitters finding 30 childrens skeletons in Port Alberni, BC….I’m awaiting some answers from some people in the area about this….



A Tale of Two Letters


There was something desperate sounding in the recent posting by Kevin in his ‘Open-Letter‘ to Pope Francis….desperate and un-couth.  Although the signature was Kevin’s I couldn’t help but wonder if it wasn’t his Dad’s rant and not his own, as Bill is known to be crude and distasteful in both spoken and written word.   Kevin, however, may have just succumbed to his ego, letting F-bombs fly and resorting to grade-school bullying tactics of the kind used by his only remaining ‘Friends’.  He has indeed never seen so many of his Convenors, witnesses, supporters and benefactors wash their hands of him and it must be very frustrating indeed.  How upsetting to have made so many false allegations that epically fail the smell-test….the only thing left to do is to deflect all that rage into a tirade that is not only lacking his usual confident tone, but is just a plain crappy read. This is not Kevin’s usual inspirational prose (a rallying cry to unite the masses into Marxist Anarchy), it’s a tantrum of a two-year old and it’s not gone un-noticed  even by those who consider themselves Anti-Catholic.

Here’s some of the precious nuggets for your reflection:

That dumb little smirk of yours is really starting to bug me, Jorge

I don’t care how many media moguls adore your ass.

And the looming fuck up on your gilded horizon is this:

I did like that cute story your media people circulated recently, about you wandering like a latter-day St. Francis through the streets of Rome at night, feeding the homeless. Very nice.

Besides, the more you prattle on about justice and reform, dummy, the more your credibility starts hanging down somewhere below that spotless white robe of yours.

But holy shit, Jorge! Your mentor said to just pretend reform. Pretend! Don’t actually do it, stupid! For the last thing one does to a tottering regime like yours is to open the floodgates of change at critical moments.

Jesus, Jorge, you must know that.

It gets worse for you, boyo.

Jean Haines, who always posts Kevins articles on her blog: 2012 What Is The Real Truth, said that she was “floored” by Kevin’s words and “wondered what occasioned such words from him”.  Clearly, Jean you haven’t been reading my blog as much as I read yours (lol).  These comments by Jean were made on an article she worked hard to post on a similar ‘Open-Letter’ to Pope Francis written by Matthew Fox:

“I recently wrote a book on Pope Francis, or better a book to him, entitled Letters to Pope Francis. The book was released in Italian on Thanksgiving Day. In it I challenge him to live up to his purposefully chosen namesake and that people would hold his feet to the fire because no other pope had ever taken up that name, icon that it is, and that most people do know what St Francis of Assisi stood for: Ecology and no chauvinistic relationships to the plant and animal worlds; a preferential option for the poor, and (this may be slightly less acknowledged) an admirable and almost startling balance of gender justice and consciousness. In his celebrated poem, “Brother Sun, Sister Moon,” he moves back and forth, back and forth, between masculine and feminine names for the sacred.” – Matthew Fox (Pope Francis- A Breath of Fresh Air)

Disappointingly, Jean goes on to post Kevin’s reply to the Fox article as if to apologise for the earlier, brilliant and timely, piece.  Stranger still is her failure to endorse Kevin’s own work when speaking about the crimes in the residential schools:

“Again, if you want to learn more about ‘real’ life in these schools, I suggest you read Kent Nerburn’s new book, The Girl Who Sang to the Buffalo. It opened my eyes to the fact that the cabal is now doing to us exactly what they did to the indigenous people: they have destroyed our connection to the planet which is our real source of life, created a false religion based on fear and control, destroyed our cultural history and family life, made our education system a joke, are controlling our lives with mind-controlling drugs, are reducing our ability to get good healthcare, have created a false history about our species that has nothing to do with reality, are making us poorer with their financial thievery as they chemtrail us in order to kill us, are deliberately stealing our money from us in the form of illegal taxes that are not even on the books, and the list goes on and on.”

buffalo sky

Apparently Kent opened her eyes to reality where Kevin failed to do so?  Perhaps Jean is discovering the ‘real truth’ about Kevin?  There is always hope.

It is also interesting how Matthew Fox’s biography parallels Kevin Annett’s in some ways (Educated in both Theology and the Humanities, and their scrutiny by superiors over their teachings).  From Wikipedia:

“Also in 1983, Catholic Church leadership began officially reviewing Fox’s teachings and theological divergences. Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger – then Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, a Vatican administrative body charged with teaching and defending church doctrine – ordered a panel of Dominican priests and theologians to perform a two-year review of Fox’s writings.[5] When the initial findings found in Fox’s favor, Cardinal Ratzinger, later to become Pope Benedict XVI, rejected them and ordered a second review which was never undertaken.[6][7]Some scholars say these traditions are close to those that were first laid out by Jesus”

Could the same be said about Kevin’s writings?  That they have been close to the traditions laid out by Jesus? Certainly the use of Jesus’s name as a curse-word in a letter to the Pope would never have crossed Fox’s mind, nor would he have resorted to calling Francis – “boyo”.  Somehow Kevin feels this scores him some points with his readership, but when contrasted with a well researched and respectful address from Fox, it’s not surprising that Kevin’s letter has been reduced to nothing more than a ‘barroom rant’.

People, who still defend Kevin Annett and even resort to calling him a ‘hero’, will argue that it’s not about the man, but about the message.  Well, here, dear readers are two letters to the Pope, that deliver two very different messages.  One is a message of hope, while the other is a message of fear and hate.  Which message resonates with you is something you’ll have to decide.  Personally, I will cling to any message of hope in this crazy mixed-up world, because unlike Kevin, I believe in the human spirit and the goodness in mankind and after all, isn’t Christmas a season of miracles?

To read more about Matthew Fox see the links (supplied by Wikipedia) here:


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GPR at ‘Mush-Hole’ Found NO MASS GRAVES


This week Clynt King contacted myself with a statement regarding claims Kevin Annett made in various media that the GPR (ground penetrating radar) revealed the location of mass graves at the Indian Residential School at Brantford, Ontario also known as the ‘Mush-Hole’.

In a press-release issued to clarify previous statements made by Kevin during and for several months after the dig was initiated, then shut down, Kevin wrote the following:

Sure enough, the GPR surveys immediately detected what GPR technician Clynt King referred to as “massive soil dislocation and abnormal disturbances” in the area east of and adjacent to the Mush Hole building. (see Exhibits No. 2 and No.3)

According to King, on the second day of the GPR survey, (September 30, 2011),

“It appears from the radar that at least ten to fifteen feet of soil has been displaced and covered over the original terrain east and southeast of the school building. This is definitely a subsurface anomaly, meaning it’s earth that was dumped there.”

The GPR survey of the Mush Hole grounds encompassed in total four grid areas to the north and northeast of the building. The total size of the surveyed grids was 400 square meters.

On Day 6 of the GPR survey (October 4), Dale Bomberry, head of Operations for the non-traditional, government-funded Six Nations Confederacy, suddenly denied further use of the GPR equipment to the ITCCS team. Clynt King was ordered by Bomberry to cease his activities and all of the data from the GPR survey was seized by Bomberry.

On Day 9 (October 7), members of the Men’s Fire, a Mohawk security force working closely with the ITCCS team, discovered many boxes of residential school files in the basement immediately above the apparent sub-basement chamber described above. Within minutes, the Men’s Fire members were stopped by Confederacy staff and photographed on video camera. 

The same day, Chief Montour announced that no further support for the Mush Hole inquiry would be offered by the Confederacy, despite Montour having endorsed the survey and dig two days earlier (see Exhibit No. 4, Tekawennake Newspaper October 5, 2011, p. 2).

Consequently, this first phase of the inquiry was suspended on October 11 to allow the sponsoring Mohawk elders and the ITCCS team the chance to assess events and plan how to continue in the face of growing sabotage and resistance by government-funded “chief and council”.

The Mush Hole Dig: Interregnum (October 11-November 21, 2011)


After a series of consultations between the ITCCS team and the sponsoring Mohawk elders, as well as the Men’s Fire Group, it was unanimously decided to continue with the Mush Hole inquiry and excavations, based on what had been discovered until then.

Numerous attempts to contact GPR technician Clynt King and obtain the GPR survey data from the Mush Hole grounds were unsuccessful. King was reportedly “on extended vacation” and the Six Nations Confederacy refused to release the GPR survey data. 

Accordingly, it was decided to proceed directly with a test excavation in the area most likely to contain burial sites, based on the GPR survey and eyewitness accounts. 

An excavation team consisting of seven people was established, with the Men’s Fire providing site security. The dig team was Kevin Annett (a trained student of archaeology), Cheryl Squire (representing the sponsoring elders), Nicole and Warren Squire, John Henhawk, Frank Miller (videographer) and Yvonne Fantin.

The need for security around the excavation was heightened by continual efforts to sabotage the inquiry on the part of government-paid aboriginal operatives led by Jan Longboat, a local resident. Longboat began approaching the sponsoring Mohawk elders with smears about Kevin Annett and even offers of money.

Consequently, and to build as much international and public support as possible, the excavation team was given absolute authority and permission by the sponsoring Mohawk elders to not simply recover remains on the Mush Hole grounds but to make the findings public, including by sharing them with the media. 

This crucial authorization was openly declared and recognized to be part of the ITCCS team’s mandate.

To read the complete document click here.

The following is Clynt King’s statement:

I just found your blog.
Once in awhile, I do a google search on my name to see what is out there.
My name is on your blog site.
A few years ago, I was seriously mislead, misquoted and misused by Kevin and his followers.
they convinced me that I had been given approval to do some ground penetrating radar work at a former residential school.
I explained the limitations of the device in great detail, they recorded everything I said on video cameras.
I told them exactly what it could, and could not, reveal below the ground surface.
It is apparent that they ignored all of what I told them.
Before I even completed the radar scan, they issued a ‘news release’ about finding mass burials with the radar work!
I did not even finish collecting the data, and I have never, even to this day, analyzed the data that I did collect.
I confronted Kevin and his followers about the news release.
I told them it appears I was misused.
It is now obvious that I was used to legitimize their story.
His website contains statements about me that are totally fictional.
I never said any of those things he wrote about me.
The preliminary radar images that were displayed on the device during the data collection cannot be used to make any definitive statements about what is below the ground surface.
I have had to explain this to my employers and community members.
It has been two years since this happened.
One thing I want to point out, no media outlet has ever contacted me directly to ask me about what he said about me.
If they did, I would have stated that the radar unit did not reveal any mass graves and Kevin’s statements about the radar findings were false.


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‘Smear Campaigns’ and ‘Dirty Ops’

the conman

When ITCCS went into Maintenance Mode last month, there were questions as to whether or not ITCCS would be resurrected like a phoenix from the flames, or not.  And in true Kevin Annett fashion, readers were not surprised to see a newer (if not markedly more crude) version of the good ol ITCCS.  It was sparse but held within it the glorious proclamation in the form of a Breaking Update (October 10th, 2013) that a new Renaissance was at hand.  The kicker was that there were fresh accusations of ‘Dirty Ops’, blackmail and the ever present need for secrecy due to the highly sensitive nature of ITCCS’s work. *cough*….

Some of the most newsworthy claims were as follows:

  1. The formation of a ‘new’ group called NON (not in our name) whose membership includes Ciaran Ui Niall (a pseudonym for an ‘actual’ Irish clergyman) amongst twenty other priests with a conscience in Ireland.
  2. ITCCS successfully deposed Pope Benedict and is now after Pope Francis.
  3. The International Common Law Court of Justice is located in Brussels.
  4. Cardinal Sean Brady confirms that Pope Benedict was forced to resign.

The following accusations were also made:

An insider in Archbishop Diarmuid Martin’s Dublin Diocese claimed this week that Martin has authorized a “dirty ops” campaign aimed at ITCCS activists and other Irish groups seeking to expose child abuse and trafficking in the catholic church.

The “dirty ops” plan includes smearing and spreading lies and disinformation about Rev. Kevin Annett and other ITCCS leaders to the media and the Garda, Ireland’s national police force, and attempting to falsely brand ITCCS as a “terrorist” group tied to the so-called “Freemen on the Land” movement.

“That was all spelled out in a memo Martin gave to a priest at the pro-Cathedral named Father Damien. That’s what I was told” said the Diocese source.

“The Archbishop also authorized the paying of bribes to one of the regular protestors at the Cathedral so he’d back off and even change sides. You know who the man is”.

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is the senior Catholic official in Ireland after Cardinal Sean Brady was suspended last year because of a police investigation into Brady’s ties with convicted child rapists among his clergy.

The ‘communique’ is signed with the following:

To contact ITCCS Ireland relay messages to them or to Not in Our Name through these emails:

Issued 10 October, 2013 ITCCS Central, Brussels
Kevin Annett is a Nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize (2013)Messages for him can be left at 250-591-4573 (Canada) or 386-323-5774 (USA).
It is important to review these claims critically, because an innocent man, named John Deegan, is the reason this ‘Special Report’ (*cough*) was published.
It should be known that I have not been kind to John Deegan in the past, nor to his associates, especially Gerry O’Donovan who engaged me many times here on this blog.  My philosophy at the time was that of lumping Kevin’s supporters with Kevin – you’re known by the company you keep, right?  The mistake in this is that everyone has their own motivation, their own stories and background and judging each person by the same yardstick means that you risk losing a potential ally in the future.  I had unfairly judged Deegan, mostly because a person who calls herself Pagan Media That Bites had also done so.  I had failed the fundamental test, which was to examine the claims of others independantly and objectively and to try to write with as little or no bias as possible.  I had viewed Pagans claims against the Irish ITCCS and echoed them in my own writings.  I labelled them the Irish Rovers, not as a term of endearment, but as a way to attach a catchy label and attract readership to the blog.  I was indeed a dumbass, as I had been called by many of Kevin’s supporters, who came to the blog to attack me and not what I’d written, but in this case I deserved it.  I learned the hard way, but being attacked by Pagan, was a way to come to terms with those mistakes and  I’ve learned to reach out to Deegan, Gerry and others and ask for forgiveness.  I’ve since retracted my claims against them, because they were baseless and irrelevant.
And so, it is here that I formally apologize for my actions that caused and contributed to the harassment they experienced at the hands of Pagan.
That being said it’s important to examine the above ‘Dirty-Ops’ statements made by ‘George Dufort’.  First of all, George Dufort IS Kevin Annett…same as Jeremiah Jourdain is Kevin Annett…and Caoimhin Ui Niall, etc..etc… Kevin has a terrible time keeping his numerous aliases straight as is seen in this correspondence from ‘thecommonland’.  Remember that Caoimhin Ui Niall was first passed off as some ‘Elder’ of the ITCCS who called himself the Interim President of the Republic of Kanata…
Interim president - Caoimhin ui niall
Kevin was busted as being Caoimhin, but likely no one noticed… now he hopes no one will question who runs ‘thecommonland’, let alone pay attention to which ‘UI Niall’ responds from that email.
Ciaomhin ui niall Cairan
Kevin Annett's Alter Ego Caoimhin Ui Niall is now Ciarran Ui Niall?

Kevin Annett’s Alter Ego Caoimhin Ui Niall is now Ciarran Ui Niall?

Former supporters ITCCS members are coming to the fore to reveal much about Kevin’s identity, agenda and dysfunctionality.

The following was recently posted on Alex Hunter’s FB wall:

Who is Kevin Annett?
Dodgy at the least – beyond any defensive level.
I am listed as a tribunal member and was listed as a juror until I complained that I had never seen a case even though the “tribunal” has allegedly already convicted the first “dirty 30″.
I asked to be removed.
Kevin stated that it wasn’t up to him even though HE is Jerimiah Jordain and George Dufour.
There is no tribunal in Brussels and there never was.
Kevin stated to my children and I that he was forming a tribunal with us but told the residential school survivors Steemas and Watsuk that the tribunal was a world court in Brussels.
He avoided answering our questions about all of the inconsistencies using political sidestepping.
Every time.
We are all fed up with him.
He didn’t show at the Bogus Truth and Reconciliation Gathering/Event in Vancouver to answer questions a few of the residential school survivors had for him after agreeing to be there Saturday (September 21st) the previous day.
The pattern of him missing appointments due to other “appointments” and his lack of empathy and respect toward toward the people he is allegedly standing up for is profound.
Kevin introduced his roommate Carol to Steemas, Watsuk, my children and I as his wife. When Steemas called her about his concerns she told him she was furious about it.
When Watsuk’s son Tulsii’m Kia’palanexw – the real/rightful Chief Capilano from three bloodlines – had questions Kevin’s response was “What’s his problem? Fuck him.”
When Steemas, Watsuk, my children and I were at the Catholic Church at Richards and Dunsmuir Kevin stated that he was running around in the church putting flyers in the pews and the church clergy office at the time the police came.
We all knew he was lying.
You cannot ignore the patterns with regard to Kevin Annett’s lack of honesty, integrity and transparency – unless you do so deliberately.
This has been going on twenty years too long.
If you need more proof there is a very long line of activists, residential school survivors, band members from virtually every nation and a lot of people who got sucked in along the way just like we did.
Ryan Elson, Greg Renouf and Arthur Topham were right about him and I was wrong to defend him all this time.
The answer to the question Who is Kevin Annett?
Controlled opposition.

When I started to type this my computer slowed right down – and it is now microwaving my hands in a really BIG way.
Electronic Censorship, Sabotage and Attack is being used to keep those of us that know the most about the most critical threats from communicating them to the misled majority.

ITCCS MembersDoesn’t this sound strangely familiar?  Is this not what happened with Mel Ve, John Deegan, Dave O’Brien, Gerry O’Donovan…. let alone,Royce and Lydia White Calf, Jan Longboat, Amy Tallio, Frank McCourt, Jason Bowman, Rudy and Diana James, Camilla Novelli, Harriet Nahanee, Nell Cole, Bill Squires, Steve Finney and Amy Smart (and the list goes on…)?

Clerical child abuse case

Archbishop Diarmiud Martin holds up a copy of the Ryan Report into the Catholic Archdiocese of Dublin

Supposedly this MASS EXODUS has been orchestrated by Dublin Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, who Kevin claims PAID the ‘Irish Rovers’ (as I now lovingly call them) to engage in a “smear campaign” against Kevin Annett and other ITCCS members.  Kevin accuses the Archbishop of ‘paying bribes’ to silence those protestors (supporting Kevin) who seek to expose pedophilia among the clergy.  This blogger is curious how the Archbishop, who has taken an activist role himself in directly challenging Pope Benedict to address pedophilia in the church has suddenly become an enemy of Kevin’s.

In an article in the Irish Echo – Australia, Archbishop Martin and Cardinal Sean Brady flew to meet with Pope Benedict in 2009 to discuss the findings of the Ryan and Murray Reports.  From The Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse page on Wikipedia:

Seán Cardinal Brady (leader of the Catholic Church in Ireland) said he was “profoundly sorry and deeply ashamed that children suffered in such awful ways in these institutions. This report makes it clear that great wrong and hurt were caused to some of the most vulnerable children in our society. It documents a shameful catalogue of cruelty: neglect, physical, sexual and emotional abuse, perpetrated against children.”[2] He declared that anyone responsible for abusing children in Catholic-run institutions should be held to account.[40] This was echoed by Most Reverend Vincent Nichols (leader of the Catholic Church in England and Wales) “no matter how long ago it happened”.

“On 25 May 2009, the Irish Times printed the reaction of Diarmuid Martin, the Archbishop of Dublin, who said (partially quoting a correspondent),

“‘there is always a price to pay for not responding’. The church will have to pay that price in terms of its credibility. The first thing the church has to do is to move out of any mode of denial. Where the church is involved in social care it should be in the vanguard. That is different to a situation in which the church proclaims that it is in the vanguard…. in a very short time another report on the sexual abuse of children will be published, this time about how such abuse was managed in the Archdiocese of Dublin of which I am archbishop.”


Why on Gods Green Earth, would these clergy, who have been so active in exposing sexual abuse in the Church try to silence Kevin Annett by using John Deegan and ACCAW, who also work to expose these crimes by the church…. unless it is to silence Anti-Catholic Church Activists Worldwide???????

The true hero in this situation???  In this writers opinion it’s John Deegan who has had the guts to approach Archbishop Martin about Kevin’s latest tantrum and who is putting himself out in front of the Pagan Media Bites of the world once again.  Who will stand with him?  I know I will….
In the mean time, I encourage anyone reading this article to write to or call Kevin at home and see which of Kevin’s personalities decides to address your questions and concerns… and see how long before you too are labelled a ‘paid agent of the state’.

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