Republik of Kanata and the New Godless Colonialism

Let My People Go!!!

Let My People Go!!!

I wonder what new Treaties Kevin Annett will strike with the First Nations people (formerly of Canada) now that this country has been disestablished and dissolved?  Certainly he has thought about the ramifications of a Reverend (as I have called him, the Great White Savior) setting up a new Republik on the lands occupied by Anishinaabe, Metis and Cree people?  I say ‘occupied’ because only the white man has had a concept of ownership of the land as part of their conquest of it and in doing so created the concept of subjugation.

I ask this question because the wording of Kevin’s latest ‘Proclamation and Declaration’ should leave many people puzzled about what he actually means.

In Witness Thereof, We pledge our mutual lives and our sacred honour, and have hereunto set our hands and signatures and caused to be established the Seal of the Federated Republic of Kanata as a Free Society on the Land, under customary land law jurisdiction. The Constitution of our Republic and this Proclamation are ratified and in effect as of today, Friday, October 31, 2014.

The term “land law jurisdiction” should give further pause given the following information on Land Law:

Land law is the form of law that deals with the rights to usealienate, or exclude others from land. In many jurisdictions, these kinds of property are referred to as real estate or real property, as distinct from personal propertyLand use agreements, including renting, are an important intersection of property and contract lawEncumbrance on the land rights of one, such as an easement, may constitute the land rights of another. Mineral rights and water rights are closely linked, and often interrelated concepts. Land rights are such a basic form of law that they develop even where there is no state to enforce them; for example, the claim clubs of the American West were institutions that arose organically to enforce the system of rules appurtenant to mining. Squatting, the occupation of land without ownership, is a [sic] globally ubiquitous.


Sovereignty of the land is already afforded to Original peoples in a unique form of Alloidal Title known as aboriginal title:

Aboriginal title is a common law doctrine that the land rights of indigenous peoples to customary tenure persist after the assumption ofsovereignty under settler colonialism. The requirements of proof for the recognition of aboriginal title, the content of aboriginal title, the methods of extinguishing aboriginal title, and the availability of compensation in the case of extinguishment vary significantly by jurisdiction. Nearly all jurisdictions are in agreement that aboriginal title is inalienable, except to the national government, and that it may be held either individually or collectively.

Aboriginal title was first acknowledged in the early 19th century, in decisions in which indigenous peoples were not a party. Significant aboriginal title litigation resulting in victories for indigenous peoples did not arise until recent decades. The majority of court cases have been litigated in AustraliaCanadaMalaysiaNew Zealand, and the United States. Aboriginal title is an important area of comparative law, with many cases being cited as persuasive authority across jurisdictions. Many commentators believe that the doctrine is applicable in all common law legal systems.



Let me restate this: Aboriginal title is inalienable, except to the national government and that includes a new Federated Republik of Kanata.  Inalienable rights are natural rights that cannot be sold, transferred or removed (except by the national government according to the Wikipedia page on Aboriginal Title).  And while Kevin has made mention of how the colonial occupation of Native lands occurred and was a terrible thing, he uses it not as an opportunity to ratify those wrongs with his own ‘reparations’ laid out in his Charter, but to reference the land as ‘ours’.  Does Colin Sullivan have a provision to address the inherent rights of First Nations people over the rights of the decendant’s of the colonials who stole their ‘vast resources and wealth’?  Or will land law jurisdiction be used to exclude the natives from their inalienable rights under the new Republik Government?  This begs the question about how many Natives will join this Free Republik?  Nevermind how many ‘Free Citizens’ will arrest the Queen and Pope given that the arrest warrants expired earlier this year and that they are forgeries by the soon to be late and great George Dufort LLB? (False identities soon disappear once they’re outed).

Is there no one asking a single ‘hard’ question of this man and his delusional ‘apostles’.


Kevin has written that the constitution for this grand Republik is to be ratified on the highest occult holiday of the year, Samhain or the Festival of the Dead; Friday, October 31, 2014.

It is indeed strange that a Christian Reverend, who steadfastly maintains that Satanists are at the root of pedophile rings and the evil Transnational Organization called Vatican II, would choose this high holy day for Satanists to ‘seal’ a covenant?  And will this ‘historic document’ be signed by Rev. Annett at the Oodena Celebration Circle, one of Winnipeg’s most curious and allegedly pagan/occult sites aside from the Legislature building itself?  It’s too bad that signatories can’t embark on Frank Albo’s Hermetic Code tour of the Legislature as part of their pagan initiation into the Republik.  They might, if they were Christian, be inclined to change their mind about their new-found ‘freedom’.

Why Winnipeg? If not for it’s occult history and Freemasonic roots?:

“The Legislative Buildings of Manitoba appear to be the only legislative buildings in Canada to embody designs consistent with Masonic architectural principles and occultic/pagan imagery. The location of such a building almost exactly in the center of Canada is believed to be significant and not coincidental.” – See more at:

But Kevin is a Christian minister, you say!  He has a congregational church in South Dakota, where he reads Bible verses from airport payphones for Sunday sermons broadcasted over the internet, you say!  And let us not forget that he’s performed three exorcisms in St. Peter’s square in Rome and is crusading against the Satanic Ninth Circle Cult!

Tell me this, (Christian apologists for a New World Order shill), how Christian can a minister be who denies that Jesus Christ ever existed?

In Kevin Annett’s recent interview with Alfred (the Aliens are here to save us!) Webre, Kevin Annett says the following regarding claims that Pope Francis is the ‘false prophet’ of Revelation’s (starting at 38:22):

“When you look at papal history a lot of this is fabricated and it’s used politically by the different factions in Rome and all that, so I would not take these predictions and prophesies literally, that’s a big mistake people make, including in reading the bible.”


“I mean the book of Revelation was written as a, uh, in the politically censored language of the time, uh, they couldn’t refer to Rome, they referred to the beast with 7 heads, you know the seven hills of Rome, things like that.  And even in terms of discussion of AntiChrist, the AntiChrist was never seen as a man but as a place, and that’s made clear, uh, you know, all through the Bible and other references to it, that they’re referring to Rome, to the institution of the Empire, not to an individual, so, I really think people need to keep that in mind when they’re listening to the latest (laugh) so called prophet, on these prophesies on this whole issue”.


Aside from being a terrible interviewee who just makes up SH#T as he goes, this is a man who has denied Jesus Christ existed and has denied his apostle John who wrote that: 

2 John 1:7 - For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist.

AntiChrist is not a place as much as Kevin might want it to be, but is a spirit dwelling within those who deny Christ, who work on behalf of Satan and his minions and that the Beast is the utmost indwelling of the AntiChrist spirit whose name is also 666.  But Kevin would twist his ‘ministry’ to make it solely about Rome and the Popes and deny that the Bible is the sword of truth.  He wants you to believe that a new Promised Land is at hand and that it is within your grasp, but he has a history of letting others do his dirty work, often getting arrested in the process and becoming martyrs to the ITCCS cause.  It is a Promised Land that will no doubt feature Kevin as the proverbial Moses – having led people out of their bondage (or is it INTO bondage?) to wander the desert for forty years.  

Let those religious followers crying “Bless-you Kevin!” who pray ferverently for the success of this new State, now have eyes to see and ears to hear. And may the Natives seek redress from the Interim President of the Provisional Republik of Kanata (aka. Eagle Strong Voice adopted member of the Turtle, or is it Crane?, clan of the Anishinaabe) where the Canadian Governement has failed to do so.  Let’s see Kevin put his money where his mouth is.


Kevin Annett’s Love Letter…and a Confession

Three years ago TO THE DAY I wrote my first WordPress article about Kevin Annett.  Back then I was writing about Kevin’s claims that the government was trying to kill the natives with the Tamiflu Vaccine (pfft) and the discovery of children’s bones at Brantford.  The blog in that time has over 120 articles to it’s credit and 102,700 views and nearly 800 (mostly respectful) comments.  It is a volume of work that I have wrestled with spiritually and emotionally in that time and have tried several times to let go.  The so-called Truth Movement and it’s carte blanche acceptance of everything Kevin posted made it difficult to leave; I felt I had to keep writing until I knew that the blog wasn’t necessary any more.  I thought that time had come at the start of the year, but I was wrong.

This past week a radio show called THE ANGRY BEAVER totally blasted Kevin Annett out of the Truth Movement waters.  People who have been part of the Freeman Movement have taken their leave of his madness.  All that are left are the die-hard anti-Catholics who actually believe the Queen and the Pope are about to be arrested…any minute now…..

And just as I have been contemplating the endpoint to the blog, I read a letter posted by William Annett written by Kevin claiming I am secretly in love with him.  This comes at a time when people around the world are learning the truth about Kevin Annett’s lies.  It comes at a time when people with Street Cred within the Freeman Movement are denouncing his so-called Republik.  It comes at a time when the real activists in Ireland, England and elsewhere are resuming their activism work in the wake of Kevin’s smear campaigns.  Kevin is effectively in hiding from the world, barred from Facebook (if you believe that), and unable to reinvent himself as the savior of any great cause.  There are no causes left to fight, so like a fear-biting dog who’s malnurished mass is hidden in a dark corner, Kevin Annett has only one thing left to do….Bite!

But as you read this ridiculous diatribe, do notice the most important statement he makes….Not about me, but about George Dufort.  You see, while he’s trying to dazzle you with his witty charm (NOT) he lets the most important detail slip into print.  

George Dufort doesn’t exist!!!!  He is a pseudonym for a real person (supposedly), just as Jeremiah Jourdain was a pseudonym for a real person (which he wasn’t).

This poses a problem that I’m surprised Kevin’s keen legal intellect has missed:  Just how do you forge a signature on an arrest warrant or public notice and have it be legal and binding????


366. (1) Every one commits forgery who makes a false document, knowing it to be false, with intent

(a) that it should in any way be used or acted on as genuine, to the prejudice of any one whether within Canada or not; or
(b) that a person should be induced, by the belief that it is genuine, to do or to refrain from doing anything, whether within Canada or not.

Making false document
(2) Making a false document includes

(a) altering a genuine document in any material part;
(b) making a material addition to a genuine document or adding to it a false date, attestation, seal or other thing that is material; or
(c) making a material alteration in a genuine document by erasure, obliteration, removal or in any other way.

When forgery complete
(3) Forgery is complete as soon as a document is made with the knowledge and intent referred to in subsection (1), notwithstanding that the person who makes it does not intend that any particular person should use or act on it as genuine or be induced, by the belief that it is genuine, to do or refrain from doing anything.

Forgery complete though document incomplete
(4) Forgery is complete notwithstanding that the false document is incomplete or does not purport to be a document that is binding in law, if it is such as to indicate that it was intended to be acted on as genuine.

(5) No person commits forgery by reason only that the person, in good faith, makes a false document at the request of a police force, the Canadian Forces or a department or agency of the federal government or of a provincial government.

Punishment for forgery
367. Every one who commits forgery

(a) is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding ten years; or
(b) is guilty of an offence punishable on summary conviction.

Use, trafficking or possession of forged document
368. (1) Everyone commits an offence who, knowing or believing that a document is forged,

(a) uses, deals with or acts on it as if it were genuine;
(b) causes or attempts to cause any person to use, deal with or act on it as if it were genuine;
(c) transfers, sells or offers to sell it or makes it available, to any person, knowing that or being reckless as to whether an offence will be committed under paragraph (a) or (b); or
(d) possesses it with intent to commit an offence under any of paragraphs (a) to (c).

(1.1) Everyone who commits an offence under subsection (1)

(a) is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term of not more than 10 years; or
(b) is guilty of an offence punishable on summary conviction.

Wherever forged
(2) For the purposes of proceedings under this section, the place where a document was forged is not material.


So now we have screenshots of Williams post on the Facebook page where several of his followers are raining platitudes on Kevin’s head for such a wonderful article taking aim at me.  Please wake up people!!! You are following a man who has committed a crime and according to how these forgeries were used (by Amy Smart, Steve Finney, David Compan and Rhianne Baines), there should be enough there to put Kevin Annett in JAIL!!!

bench warrant 4

Have no idea whose signature appears on this document, do you????

bench warrant 2

Commanded and authorized to arrest based on a Forged Document from an office of No Fixed Address!

bench warrant 5

This document gives the bearer a one-way ticket to jail!! Thanks George Dufort!!!

Jeremiah Jourdain signature 1

Yet another forged document you are supposed to have faith in.

Jeremiah Jourdain signature 2

A letter threatening legal action against the United Church of Canada – forged by Kevin Annett as Jeremiah Jourdain.

That’s right folks! Jeremiah Jourdain does not exist!  George Dufort does not exist….whoever the heck else’s signature appears on those arrest warrants likely doesn’t exist either…and in fact, I suspect ALL those signatures were written by the same person: the Reverend Kevin Daniel (MacNamee) Ui Niall Eagle Strong Voice Annett!!! (Nobel Peace Prize Nominee)….

If I were Steve Finney and Amy Smart I’d be going after Kevin for fraud and interference in the case that nearly lost them their daughter to social services.

If I were David Compan I’d be going after Kevin for nearly getting him committed to a mental hospital for using fraudulent documents in an attempt at keeping hospital services running.

If I were Mel Ve (and Richard), I’d be suing Kevin for the travel costs and for the purchase of a new laptop and for slander and libel based on his accusations against them and for misleading them to participate in a fraudulent court.

If I were Dr. Jennifer Wade, I’d take Kevin to court for using my good name and humanitarian causes to promote a fraud on the native people in Canada.

If I were anyone who donated money to this fraud called the or to the ICLCJ I would ask for my money back in the form of a civil lawsuit.

And lastly, if you are any of the women he has been wooing behind his ‘wife’ Lori’s back, I would re-evaluate your situation, think twice before selling your home or leaving your husband and kids to be with this ‘man’.  Don’t ruin your life for a cause built on forged documents and the delusions of a sociopath.

Daddy does the dirty work...

Daddy does the dirty work on FB…

Now here’s the letter
Why my Harshest Critics are Secretly in Love with Me, and Other Observations from the Front Lines,
Or, Love Letters to Heather Martin
by Kevin D. Annett
I should start by saying I’m not a man so lonely as to seek out all the female attention I seem to be garnering these days. Okay, sure, it’s coming at me over the internet, and it’s generally nasty and stupid, but isn’t that love in action? I mean, even my enemies admit that I am sort of cute.
And so I’m tempted to heed the advice of my closest friends who keep urging me to “respond” to the creepy internet comments being made about me again, like clock work, now that our work is taking down more of the bad guys in high places. Because I do have to admit that all this attention is kind of titillating for me.
There really isn’t much to respond to, first of all, besides hysteria. People can shriek “Kevin Annett’s a con man!” without any proof for only so long before they just get boring. And even some of the more intelligent (read, paid) critics who have sleuthed about and “discovered” that the IP addresses for our common law court emails can be traced to friends of mine in Canada don’t seem to be operating on full mental thrusters, since the deceptive cloaking of one’s real location is, well, you know boys and girls, just standard procedure in a war.
Maybe that’s part of their problem – my critics, that is. They’re living in a child’s world. They simply won’t understand who and what we’re dealing with, and how we must often operate in secrecy to not only stay effective but stay alive.
Yes, it’s true that most of our Common Law Court and Tribunal officers use pseudonyms: well, duh, I wonder why that would be? Just ask former Belgian Member of Parliament Laurent Louis why. Laurent went public with his support for our Tribunal’s exposure of high level child rapists just two months ago, and now he’s facing years in jail on trumped up charges. So, sorry folks, but the survival of our work and eyewitnesses is more important than the need to placate critics: even if the latter are secretly in love with me.
But as for true confessions: well, sigh, yes it’s true that one of our best people in Europe has gone by the false name of George Dufort for several years now. But no, friends, he is not me. Nor did I ever “admit” that he is to anyone, internet lies to the contrary. Who is George Dufort, really? Does it really matter? Only to the other side, who very much want to unmask and whack him, and to nitpicking morons who probably have my picture secretly pinned to their bedroom wall.
And so I guess I really shouldn’t be so amazed by the orgasmic vehemence with which total strangers whom I’ve never met will attack me while ignoring the real criminals, the child torturers and top level perverts who prey on the innocent. It’s always safer to shoot laterally than upwards. And we’ve all been conditioned to fear and attack each other rather than the rulers. It’s how slaves think.
So ultimately, folks, I pity rather than resent all the “Stop Kevin Annett” bozos who spend their pathetic days glued to their computer screens, searching for new ways to bring me down. They just need to get a life.
And of course, that’s where I come in, because I have one: a life, that is. And they resent it. Or maybe more to the point, they love me for it, and so, being mediocre, they must hate me. After all, only someone infatuated with Kevin Annett would spend so much time attacking him. I learned that after my divorce.
And so, dear Heather Martin, or Christine, or whatever name you’re going by this week: I am here for you, when all is said and done. I’m an Aquarius, I’m in my late fifties although 

I look younger, I like to take long walks on the beach and I enjoy romantic candle-lit dinners, and I have this thing about flogging guys in clerical robes with the truth and locking them up in prisons. Do you think, well, there might be a chance for you and me?

Take your time, sweetie. I don’t expect an answer right away. These things take awhile, especially since, as the old Broadway number reminds us, you always hurt the one you love.
Kevin Annett is a secret member of an advanced alien race seeking to overthrow anyone devoted to imbibing American beer and Canadian platitudes. He spends his days commanding his army of drones from a hidden base just outside of Biggar, Saskatchewan. He is the father of 193 illegitimate children from all the women he’s conned, and is presently working on a new novel about the mating habits of catholic clergy. He is secretly married to Heather Martin, who hates it the way he’ll never take out the recycling on time on pick up day.

Steve Finney appears above at the Kitchener police station to deliver his lawful notice that Canada is ‘dissolved’

For a recap on my articles on Steve Finney see here:

Truth Freedom Radio: Kevin Annett and the ITCCS


Urgent Inaction Updates!!!

Pope Francis during his visit to Israel mere months before the siege on Gaza this past week. - courtesy The Guardian

Pope Francis during his visit to Israel mere months before the siege on Gaza this past week. – courtesy The Guardian

Well, most people don’t keep track of the schedule of, but in case you do, an important date has come and gone not with a bang, but with crickets.

According to Kevin Annett’s posting as of June 29, 2014:

“A global broadcast of these and other historic developments, including the DAU actions in Rome and London, will be posted on July 10 (Jubilee Day) at .”


Of course, nothing happened worldwide, global or interplanetary to bring the RCC to it’s knees unless you take into account the continued protests of Dublin, Ireland’s Pro-Cathedral by non-ITCCS activists there.

No historic developments or Direct Action Unit actions occurred in Rome or London and Annett couldn’t have been bothered to write some sort of ‘story’ let alone get the Coventry Crew to put up something on the ITCCS website.  

Could it actually be that I’m right…? That the fantasies of joining forces with Dean Clifford, taking down the Popes in this world (and all the other evil that goes with i)t is too much for Kevin to keep up with from his cluttered attic in Nanaimo?  Maybe the donation plate has dried up and there’s no more free trips to Europe?

Is Annett losing his game?

I mean, how could you not capitalize on the Jubilee (would that be the Queens Jubilee?) and make a transnational example of her.  That is unless you want people to forget that those arrest warrants expired in March of this year.

Well, have no fear Annett supporters, there’s plenty of other occult dates of significance that have yet to fulfill ITCCS prophesy, so hopefully by All Hallow’s Eve, you won’t still be disappointed.

p.s. Pope Francis is still in power…..just in case you were wondering….and he has yet to make a current statement on the tragedy occuring in Gaza.



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Kevin Annett to Appear on Alex Jones in One Hour Interview

Image courtesy: SpoonFed Truth

Image courtesy: SpoonFed Truth

Kevin Annett, who recently bemoaned the fact that RT (Russia Today) denied the opportunity of a one-hour interview with his highness, is set to appear on the Alex Jones Show sometime in the next week or so.  This fact was revealed in a brief appearance by Annett on the AJ Show yesterday, where Annett re-iterated the existence of secret documents documenting the activities of the so-called Ninth Circle Satanic Ritual Cult.  These documents, according to Annett, were allegedly presented by a witness to the jurors of the fictitious ICLCJ supposedly located in Brussels (not to be confused with the very real International Court of Justice at the Hague). Annett in his brief segment on InfoWars with Alex Jones, stated that these documents were taken from the archives at the Vatican by a Vatican “insider”.  If you consider that the archives at the Vatican are the Pope’s personal property, heavily guarded and given access to only those scholars the Pope deems appropriate, this is a very damning statement indeed.  A question few have thought to ask, is why would the Vatican keep such a document in the first place?  Rule number one of Satanic Ritual Abuse: leave no evidence behind.  Could Annet’s claims be linked to the recent scandal involving Benedict’s ex-butler, Paolo Gabriele, who went on trial in 2012 for the theft of highly sensitive documents marked for destruction?  Gabriele was, after-all, only one of ten people with keys to the Papal apartments and who had close contact with Benedict, so the conclusion could certainly be drawn that Gabriele is Kevin’s Vatican Insider. However, what is also possible is that Kevin took the information from a book entitled: His Holiness: The Secret Papers of Benedict XVI written by Guilian Nuzzi an Italian Journalist who was given the documents by Gabriele.  The aftermath of the investigation is described thusly by Wikipedia:

On 17 December 2012 the Pope received a report on “Vatican lobbies” prepared by cardinals Julián Herranz, Salvatore De Giorgi, a former archbishop of Palermo and Jozef Tomko.[24] Vatican spokesman Fr. Federico Lombardi, speaking on Vatican Radio on 23 February 2013, strongly criticized media coverage[4][25] of the report [26] as a financial scandal which purportedly became, upon the cardinals’ internal investigation, a gay sex and blackmail scandal as well.[27]

In a surprise announcement, Pope Benedict resigned on 28 February 2013.

Although the dossier was available only to Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and the investigators themselves, the latter were free to discuss the results of their investigation with the Cardinal electors of the March 2013 Papal Conclave, and the dossier itself was to have been given to Benedict’s successor as Pope, Francis.[28] On 1 March 2013, Fr. Lombardi reported that “two or three phones” had been tapped.[29][30]

On 12 June 2013 it was reported that leaked notes of a private conversation between Pope Francis and Catholic officials at the Latin American Conference of Religious (CLAR) confirmed the existence of “a stream of corruption”, and that “The ‘gay lobby’ is mentioned, and it is true, it is there … We need to see what we can do”. According to The Economist “Vatican investigators had identified a network of gay prelates”.[31] CLAR confirmed that its leaders had written a synopsis of the pope’s remarks, although not for publication. Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi made no comment on the remarks made in “a private meeting”.[32]

Kevin Annett has maintained claims that Pope Benedict resigned because of a letter sent to the Papal Nuncio warning of the inditement against the Pope by the ITCCS.  To the average reader of ITCCS gibberish, it would appear on first inspection that Kevin Annett has insiders (as he himself has admitted to) within the Vatican and that he caused the resignation of Pope Benedict.  However, the most likely explanation is that Annett has a flair for headline spinning and has become an opportunist extraordinaire.

Case in point is his recent attempt at securing airtime with major alternative media outlet’s. While RT and the “russkies” in general were rebuked for not wanting an hour-long interview with the great and powerful OZ himself, Alex Jones was quick to put Annett on the air:

Kevin Annett giving an Interview on Alex Jone's show, InfoWars July 9, 2014. click image to go to Youtube and view from 32:00 onwards

Kevin Annett giving an Interview on Alex Jone’s show, InfoWars July 9, 2014. click image to go to Youtube and view from 32:00 onwards

Now, I will run the risk of attack by die hard Alex Jones fans for saying this, but I believe AJ is a ‘shill’ for the NWO.  I give him full credit for being the guy who woke me up, but not for being the guy who brought me my truth.  Alex, in my opinion, is a gatekeeper and dis-info agent and all of the things he accuses others of being.  This realization hit home for me when I witnessed a video (and compared the radio show account) of a pro-Fourth Amendment rally in Texas. During the rally, Jones blared his bullhorn over the other protesters already assembled there and then began accusing people of being infiltrators and government shills.  The organizers of the rally tried several times to get Jones to speak with them not over them, but to no avail.  People who arrived late automatically gathered around Jones thinking he was the center of the action.  I watched several video’s take by people there who tried to confront Jones, at first in a nice way, then out of frustration.  Jones went on his radio show the next day to label these people as disruptors and disinfo-agents:

Now, while Kevin has never ‘bull-horned’ over anybody, he has certainly co-opted many movements and made flagrant overstatements (ok…lies).  Fearmongering is what Kevin Annett and Alex Jones have in common, which is why it is not surprising to see this recent love-in.

What I want to reiterate is my previous statement…that Alex Jones is a NWO shill.  Hell, he may even be a Jesuit as some people have claimed.  I cannot help but look to other ‘truthers’ like Alan Watts and Bill Cooper, who appear to understand the subtleties of social engineering and who have maintained moral standards that the likes of Jones and Annett have failed to meet.  Alan Watt’s in this brief clip mentions the methods employed by the Tavistock Institute to manipulate social behavior  Remember that Tavistock is where Kevin’s associate/handler Alfred Webre has some association and that Webre is accused by Eric Jon Phelps of being a Jesuit Co-Adjutor.

Bill Cooper, who wrote the groundbreaking book, Behold A Pale Horse, was interviewed by a 24-years-young Alex Jones who later called Cooper (posthumously as well) a disinfo agent, an alcoholic and belligerent guest.  Cooper, once he found out who AJ really was, refused to be interviewed by him despite Jones several attempts to do so.  Amongst Cooper’s ‘conspiracy theories’ was his prediction of 9/11 two weeks prior to the event.

Cooper has also been debunked as being a ‘shill’, having been accused of plagiarizing some of the documents featured in his book, but Alex Jones despite his numerous claims of being physically attacked, stalked, tracked, harassed, etc… is still alive, while Cooper is not.

Now, it’s true that Annett doesn’t really care which which wagon he hitches his star to, Jones’ interest in Annett’s work after 7 years of quiet is troublesome.  There is a reason RT denied Annett an interview and it’s called discernment (a quality Jones clearly lacks).  Nothing will thrill InfoWars listeners more than to hear Annett amp up the anti-Catholic, Satanic Ritual Abuse and Baby-Eating Pope rhetoric.


Jones has promised at least one full-hour show with Annett as a guest.  It’s doubtful any hard questions will be asked and certainly no research prior will be done especially into the existence of the Ninth Circle cult and the source of the Vatican documents.  Jones briefly stated he’d never heard of the Ninth Circle and I would expect that this would be something to explore, but I won’t hold my breath.  In fact, don’t expect any follow-up on Annett’s claims, because Jones doesn’t confront liars on his show any more than he tolerates the truth tellers when they call in to challenge him.  Remember that with this bunch, your Truth is being spoon-fed to you and you’re job is just to swallow it.



Kevin Annett ITCCS 6-29-14… “Special “take down” units move into action on verge of Pope’s resignation”

Heather Martin:

Pope number two resigning? Just how does Kevin get all this inside info anyways…? Tactical units? Just not buying it… Maybe it’s a set up? Gets you arrested and not Kevin.. Seems like a genius psy-op to me!

Originally posted on Kauilapele's Blog:

kevin_annett_rep_kanata_flag_from_video_140331_240_4There’s not been much reporting from this blog on Kevin Annett’s group, the However, this article pints to the imminent resignation of Jorge Bergoglio, an item which is news to me. But here is what Kevin writes in today’s posting.


Special “take down” units move into action on verge of Pope’s resignation

Important Notice from ITCCS Central and the Common Law Court – June 29, 2014 – Brussels

As the Vatican prepares today for the imminent removal of Jorge Bergoglio, “Pope Francis”, from his office, two Direct Action Units (DAU’s) of trained security personnel have been dispatched by the Court to Rome and London. Their purpose will be to assist in the apprehending of known child killers associated with the Ninth Circle sacrificial cult, including Bergoglio himself.

“We are relying on local common law activists and the public to assist us in stopping these killers before they…

View original 308 more words


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Dublin Protester Peaceably Interrupts Mass To Demand Tuam Apology

Heather Martin:

There are interesting developments in Tuam – originally posted on It’s Your Life blog…

Originally posted on IT'S YOUR LIFE:

During Catholic Mass today in Dublin, Ireland. A protestor peaceably entered the Pro-Cathedral and issued the following public statement:

“On the 12th of June, one day after the Bishops issued an apology, in relation to the bodies found in Tuam, Galway, Bishops Christopher Jones and Bishop Donal McKeown, blamed the families of Ireland for what happened. I came into this Cathedral on Friday the 13th, to complain about this and I was asked to leave by Father Damien O’Reilly. I’m here to tell Damien O’Reilly, Archbishop Martin, Cardinal Sean Brady, Papal Nuncio and Pope Francis the First, that they do not own this Cathedral. This Cathedral was paid for by the donations of the Irish people, through hard work, and was paid for by the blood, sweat and tears of the mothers of the (children put in the) prison camps of the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland….and it was paid…

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