The Man Behind The Curtain: Goodbye to Oz

That moment when you realize you’ve been taken for a fool….

If you have arrived here and found links broken, it is because I have deleted all the posts from this site, except for the links and resources page to help you find some good reading on Native Issues, etc…

This will undoubtedly come as a shock and a surprise to many (perhaps Kevin Annett too) after three years of writing over 145 articles, but it is time to let go and move on with life.

Kevin is now known worldwide, not as some integral part of a grand organization actively trying criminals and pedophiles and making the world a better place.  No, instead he is being looked at with a critical lens in forums, blogs and Facebook comments having nothing to do with my work.  And the proof that his popularity is waning is that he is again calling for donations to the tune of 100 bucks a month to hopefully support him with a $4000 dollar per month income (tax free).  It is laughable to me that someone who is a Nobel Prize nominee with as many friends and supporters as he has would need to make an appeal for cash-ola.  But that’s what being an unemployed con-man of the Truth Movement needs to do to survive nowadays I guess.

Truth is that I see this a lot, from many people in this movement who claim to be free, but who have to rely on the good graces of others and not an old fashioned job, to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads.  They remind me of those prosperity gospel preachers who are guilting you about how little you care about your church, while they drive around in Cadillac’s and live in multi-million dollar mansions.  Yes, Kevin is a pauper…but he is so by choice and people have their own financial problems to deal with nowadays.  I wonder how Kevin expects to survive the dwindling international support for his movement and the impending crash of our Western economies.  I wonder if he has a nice cushy retirement fund somewhere to look forward to in 10 years.  I suspect Kevin is amazed he’s survived all the asassination attempts and threats against his life, and never expected he’d have to worry about a government pension he never paid into (perish the thought!).

He has some real problems on his hands now that so many supporters have jumped ship, woken up, or realized they were being taken advantage of.  Yes the ex-supporters are piling up and are being demonized by him on an almost weekly basis. I predict that even people like Jean Haines might not be his biggest fan forever, given the recent fallout between Jean Haines and Neil Keenan.  What doesn’t happen when people are cast out of Kevin’s ‘inner circle’ is that they never (well hardly ever) go public about it.  Imagine if more people who Kevin took advantage of, lied to, manipulated, spread rumors about, and tried to ‘woo’ actually got together to take down the man?  Imagine how much sooner people could repair the damage done to their activism,to their reputations…… to their lives?  Shame, however, puts a pillow over the screams of outrage, so that the world will never know their part in the charade.  But even in these silent, wounded individuals lies the most powerful weapon – awareness and truth.  This is a problem for him and his agenda, because his international sphere of influence is shrinking fast.  Even in the awkwardly translated blogs written by Hungarians and Malaysians, Romanians and Icelanders, there is a harsh skepticism about all that Kevin Annett claims….the words: “crazy”, “fraud” and “con-man” appearing time and time again.  It’s no longer just a handful of us Canadians saying it….the facts have gone global.

I’ve had a lot of time to look at why I have written this blog and have been ‘married’ to it for three years.  There are no doubt some personal aspects that kept me at it for so long, my intense drive to expose people to the other side of the story is somewhat inherited.  My need to give a voice to the voiceless is another aspect.  Ultimately, I suppose it was my own sense of something not being right with the man and the horrible implications of what he was achieving that kept me at it this long.  It has appeared to many that I was protecting the pedophile priests by trying to discredit the work of Reverend Annett.  What I saw is that people with their boots on the ground were already exposing the church and it’s crimes and Kevin was diverting their energies into the building of a massive paper tiger.  And so long as those activists played by Kevin”s rules, their own work remained intact, but to dare question the Chairman, nay, the Grand Architect of the New Republic was to risk everything and suffer the demise of any good activism done thus-far.

For people to not see that Kevin accomplishes NOTHING of what he claims, is their own fault.  They choose to live with blinders on and to loudly proclaim: “He may be a psychopath, but he’s OUR psychopath”. They think that the criminality and corruption and perversion that exists in the world will all be over soon….brought to them by their Messiah, Reverend Kevin Daniel MacNamee/Annett/O’Neil.  He is whatever you want him to be so long as you never pull back the curtain and expose the man.

I think that this blog has tried to be Toto…the fierce little dog who helped Dorothy see that the answer was within her all along.


So I’ll direct you to the following links and archives if you are wanting to still access the articles that were once posted here and to read what others have written:

Wayback Machine  Simply change the page number in the URL (3-21) to see the posts in their original format.

Google Plus: Ciaran Ui Niall (a satire page exposing Kevin Annett’s bad deeds)

One final thought.  No one but yourself can change the world.  Change starts within yourself and the new you miraculously starts to create miracles around you.  Kevin is not doing anything special that you cannot accomplish yourself. By reclaiming your power instead of giving it away, you can join with others like yourself and be a force to contend with.  You don’t need arrest warrants with bogus signatures to tell you you have power.  We are electro-magnetic creatures and we can and do have an effect on the world…the greatest of acts of power being ones of kindness and compassion.  Change your mind and your heart will follow. 

Lennon was right, Love is all you need.

What Kevin needs is money…..

………think about it.

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Thank you all!



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