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The curious case of Dr. Ortner

When APTN aired it’s investigative report, Unmarked Graves, a huge microscope swung it’s lenses onto the stage Kevin Annett had been standing on for nearly 20 years. Coupled with mine and Greg Renouf’s articles on Kevin’s claims of unmarked graves and the excavation of human bones at Brantford, the show brought to the people a tangible set of questions that deserved answers.

The questions themselves were straightforward:  Were the bones human and did they belong to children who attended Brantford? Logical, given how Kevin had prepped his followers and supporters stating that 50,000 children were murdered and buried in over 28 mass graves located at Residential Schools across Canada.  These were allegations that were not to be taken lightly and the weight of that evidence unearthed there should have been treated as if the Ark of the Covenant itself had been discovered.  But screw ups ensued and ultimately Kevin’s desire to infiltrate social movements like Occupy Toronto led to the Smithsonian debacle.

Sensing humiliation and defeat over a fudged investigation, Kevin had to up the ante.  Until we (Greg and I) had exposed Kevin’s conduct at Occupy, he was able to spin whatever fable he needed and no one noticed and no one frankly cared.  The public had been told that archaeologists were at the scene and had analyzed the bones and that should have been enough… except that the APTN episode had raised questions about what had happened to them and how they had been analyzed.  The question was, where were the bones and who was looking at them.

To our surprise, Kevin claimed they had been sent to the Smithsonian for analysis (again with the hope that no one would dare challenge or look into this newest lie).  This was a claim that Marcia Lane somewhat verified…. saying something like: “Kev, didn’t I give you the name of a guy there, or something???”  No one, however, would ever give a name of anyone who they spoke to at the Smithsonian and even mocked the Institute alleging it’s incompetence and bias, calling it a government owned institution.

In questioning all of these inconsistencies, we were told that to ask these questions was to take away from the real work that needed to be done.  I was accused of siding with the enemy and of being an ‘agent’ and on Santos Bonacci’s radio show was lightly threatened by both Santos and Kevin that if anything should accidentally happen to myself or to Greg that it would be our own fault.

Still, the issue of the bones has been one I have struggled to let go of.  I too have felt deep pain over the thought of children murdered and their bodies covered over not out of respect but to hide the crime.  I have made it my duty to question Kevin’s claims out of the desire to also see justice done.  I want those children who were disappeared to be returned home and for their families to be made whole again if at all possible.  And it is for this reason that I have hounded Kevin on the issue of the bones.

Prior to Christmas, I made several requests of Kevin to produce the e-mails from Dr. Ortner (the anthropologist at Smithsonian who Kevin named on Bonacci’s show).  Poor Dr. Ortner, who unwittingly (and worse, post-humously) has been dragged into Kevin’s madness.  Dr. Ortner, who indeed did work for Dr. Owsley at Smithsonian Institution, who sadly passed away in April of 2012.  His achievements in life were so much more substantial than the alleged involvement in solving the Brantford bones issue.

Never-the-less, Dr. Ortner’s name had been thrown into the ring and his ability to refute or confirm Kevin’s claims might have remained in question….. until today!

InfiniLor (the YouTube handle owned by Kevin’s wife Lori) who posts video’s of the ‘testimony’ and evidence for their Kangaroo court recently answered my question of providing the e-mails from Dr. Ortner, the man who Kevin claims he sent the bones to.

Here’s what she said:


“We were NEVER in contact with Dr. Ortner”

Given this is the woman with whom Kevin shares a life with you’d think they’d get their stories straight…..But in the words of Russ Leitica, the truth will reveal itself… and so it appears it has and I would love to see how the camp of Kevin will try to spin this one.


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PaganMediaBytes Interviews James Craven

Listen to PaganMediaThat Bites Interview of James Craven

James Craven breaks down Kevin Annett’s lies and the impact of what Kevin does to perpetuate the genocide against Native peoples.

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9/11, Alfred Webre and the ‘Is Kevin Annett an Agent?’ Mystery

911 truth

For some time now, I have been interested in what really happened on September 11th, 2001.  So much so, that when I heard that Richard Gage was having a speaking tour across Canada last year, I was very excited… Richard Gage, who started the organization Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth had produced some very compelling video’s detailing evidence that the three World Trade Center towers that fell that day were brought down by high tech demolitions materials.  This evidence, and the research done by some of the fields leading experts, was beyond conjecture and conspiracy theory for me… it was a plausible and likely explanation for some of the oddities that stuck in my mind since that day.

Without getting into any 9/11 controversy on a blog dedicated to exposing Kevin Annett’s lies, suffice it to say that Richard Gage coming to Canada was a pretty big deal for me and it led to me meeting some very interesting people (including Richard) who were involved in the ‘Truth Movement’.


In the course of trying to put together a Film Festival of sorts I wanted to show some films by local documentarians, whose work I liked and who brought larger social issues to the public via non-mainstream media outlets.  The issues I had been following were the G20 and how Canadian Sovereignty was being eroded by our leadership, the latest information from AE9/11 Truth, the controversy surrounding geo-engineering and I had stumbled across Kevin Annett’s film Unrepentant.  Though I hadn’t seen it, at first glance I thought it would be relevant to Canadian issues and would be a good fit as it seemed controversial.  Two things happened: Firstly, I ran up against bureaucratic red tape in the form of needing a screening and ratings permit to show the film at the local theatre, and secondly, a friend on Facebook sent me the Circle of Justice Letter.  This led me to write Kevin and ask him in effect, ‘what’s this all about?’  I had a fundamental problem with showing a film that might have violated the confidence of the persons who gave him testimony.  In a province like Saskatchewan with a large First Nations population, (some of whom I worked with in various clinical settings) I could hardly afford to be callous.  His reply was that it would be a crime to not show this film because there was a little bit of controversy surrounding it and it was no different morally (in his words) than supporting Martin Luther King Jr. despite allegations he slept with prostitutes.

Inside my little ‘editor voice’ was screaming bloody murder. Something just wasn’t right about someone who claimed to be doing Gods work, helping those unwanted ‘Indians’ that weren’t even welcome at church, who suddenly found himself defrocked and cast out of Native alliances.  There was the issue of the Circle of Justice who seemed to be making solid inroads with respect to giving a voice to Residential School Survivors before Kevin came along and who now were slandered all over the net.  There was this Tribunal (the new ‘International’ version), that had Kevin as the sole conductor and orchestra of the whole affair and a so called office in London and then Brussels with no fixed address.   I simply asked where this office was and how I could contact someone there.  I wanted to know just who these Elders were that were heading up this Tribunal.  I called it doing my due diligence.   He refused to provide me with anything, saying that the Elders identities had to be kept secret due to all the killing going on of witnesses like Bingo Dawson, etc… He said there was an office in Brussels, but it’s address too had to be kept secret.  I couldn’t help but remember what JFK and Jesus had to say about secrecy… I decided to not trust the ‘Reverend’.

One of the disturbing things that happened in these past few months has been the support this blog has received, and the hate it has stirred in people towards it and me, it’s creator.  In particular, the response from the Truther crowd has been mostly negative towards my articles, and a friend Tony Boutros theorized that people who are newly awakened to the atrocities in this world have a lot of anger and anyone who challenges their new paradigm comes under instant attack.  This was true of some members of my 911Justice group who called me a ‘useful tool’ and accused me of being in league with the child raping pedophiles.

What I didn’t expect to discover was Kevins very strange connection to people like Alfred Webre who has been seriously involved with the 9/11 Truth movement in Vancouver and had an alliance with Kevin while broadcasting at Vancouver co-op Radio.  How strange to see the same Alfred Webre, who heads up Exo University and who contributed a chapter in Jim Fetzer’s book on the Vancouver 9/11 Commission also acting as legal counsel for the ITCCS. (see Greg Renouf’s article: Strange Bedfellows)

Recently, I found some blog postings from Eric Jon Phelps (a controversial blogger who writes extentively and exclusively it seems about the connection between the Jesuit Order and everything related to Zionism and the New World Order) and his outright hatred of Webre.  What’s interesting is that the posting below talks in great length about Webre’s affiliation with secret societies and conspiracies surrounding 9/11.  Turns out Webre was a speaker at the 2007 Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference when an individual named Timothy White allegedly met Webre and Kevin Annett at the Vancouver Co-Op Radio.  Tim White, who is well known in many conspiracy and ‘truther’ circles, including Webres, wrote about this meeting, which Phelps posted on his own site entitled: Vatican Assassins.

“I met Kevin on the Monday afternoon of June 25,2007 at CO-OP RADIO on Carroll St–downtown Eastside Vancouver…this was the day after the so-called Vancouver 9/11 “Truth” Conference where I met ALFRED WEBRE on the Friday evening (June 22) of the first day of the conference–who I then CONFRONTED about his very extensive UN affiliations and his background to the STANFORD RESEARCH INSTITUTE (TAVISTOCK) and to RAND CORP…”

Now, back to Mr. Phelps who wrote the following extensive diatribe on Webre and his alleged involvement in all things nefarious…
9/11″TRUTH” MOVEMENT -by Eric Jon Phelps

Where he accuses Webre of being:

Papal Knight Alfred Lambremont Webre (1942–Present)

  • Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor Rome’s – Gatekeeper for the 911 Truth
  • Supporting/ participating in the Order’s “Crusade” against North Americans enjoying a Presbyterian Protestant Constitution and personal liberties secured by a Baptist-Calvinist Bill of Rights
  • Preparing the American peoples to fight a two-front world war, all of which will be in the words of the Jesuit, “For the greater glory of God”—the god who sits in St. Peter’s Chair!

He alleges that:

  • The Jesuit Order has called upon its most obedient soldiers to take command of overseeing and directing the [9/11] cover-up. A few of them are Jeff Rense, Texe Marrs, Alex Jones and Eric Hufschmidt (whose sister is married to the son of “Sir” Rupert Murdoch). But the most important appears to be the hitherto unknown Alfred Webre.

He connects Webre to the pro-Vatican Jesuit Order in the following statements:

  • Alfred Webre, author lawyer and environmentalist, was born in 1947, graduating from Yale University in 1964. He then attended Yale Law School receiving his J.D. in International Law in 1967.
  • As a Fulbright Scholar in Economic Integration, Webre is an internationalist and thoroughly versed in the Vatican’s Uniform Commercial Code and Federal Taxation, which specialties are essential to the creating of a world of nations united by commercial treaties for the benefit of Rome’s merchants, “the great men of the earth” (Rev. 18:23).
  • This author assumes that Webre is an occult member of one of Yale’s secret societies and possibly a Knight of Malta evidenced by his association with Skull and Bones members, specifically President George W. Bush and his father, former President George H. W. Bush.
  • Webre’s highly influential employment with the Jesuit Order’s Ford Foundation in 1973 and the Stanford Research Institute (the American Tavistock Institute) in 1977 further incriminates him as a tool of Rome.
  • From 1982 to 1987 Webre was a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Delegate to the United Nations in New York City.
  • In 2001 Alfred Webre and Dr. Carol Rosin founded the Institute for Cooperation in Space.
  • Webre’s General Counsel was Papal Knight of Malta Daniel Sheehan, a the long-time General Counsel for the Jesuit Order’s Christic Institute, a left-wing Washington, D.C.,-based law firm. This is a most important connection between Webre, the Knights of Malta and the ubiquitous Jesuit Order.
  • Believes in advanced alien life forms in the universe, that earth has been “quarantined” and that we cosmopolitan earth-dwellers of all nations “have been given an opportunity to join the rest of the spiritually evolved Universe Society in peace, thus an opportunity to avoid environmental globaldestruction through war.” This is a belief propagated by David Icke as well.
  • Alfred Webre is a Papal Knight, a heavyweight among the “globalist insiders” vying for a world government at the expense of the national sovereignty of the United States and Canada
  • Alfred Webre has been appointed Gatekeeper of the “911 Truth Movement.”

Phelps alleges that Webre was there to ensure that no topics were raised during the 2007 9/11 Conference that cast an eye towards the Jesuit Order.  He states that it was due to White’s confrontation with Webre at the conference that Webres connection to the Knights of Malta was made.
He concludes that the “911 Truth Movement” has been compromised and that “Never will any truth about Vatican involvement on that fateful morning be promulgated from this seemingly respectable

The Jesuits, with their Temporal Coadjutor Alfred Webre and
Knights of Malta (“the great men of the earth” Rev. 18:23), now
dominate the field. All of their servants, including Alex Jones, Texe
Marrs, Dr. Stan Monteith, Jeff Rense, Congressman Ron Paul, Michael
Collins Piper, Stew Webb, Tom Heneghan, Hal Turner, Tom Flocco,
Constance Cumbey, Rupert Murdoch and his next of kin, Eric Hufschmidt,
George Noory, Butch Paugh, Eustace Mullins, Pat Robertson, and any
other radio host, network broadcaster or established author who
refuses to expose the Vatican “Black Hand” in 911, will continue the
great Jesuit Cover-up of the Twenty-first Century. The Jews are to be
blamed; the Jesuits are never to be unmasked.

His final thoughts??:

Alfred Webre is a traitor. He is a Papal Knight and loyal to the
Pope of Rome. He is the Vatican Gatekeeper in preventing the truth
behind 911 from ever being known. Therefore let every honest man
depart from this liar, deceiver and worker of iniquity.

Sincerely in Faith,
Brother Eric Jon Phelps Author, Vatican Assassins:
“Wounded In The House Of My Friends”

It is interesting to note that on Phelps’ Vatican Crimes and Vatican Assassin’s page I can find no postings with ‘Webre’ as the Keyword, (the above statements by Phelps were removed from his sites).. I do, however, find articles when I search for ‘Kevin Annett’, which makes sense given Kevin’s stance is clearly Anti-Church and Anti-Vatican.

Not surprisingly, Kevin recently appeared on Mel Ve’s Freedom Central show with Phelps to discuss all things Anti-Vatican… Phelps has this to say about Kevin:

Your Editor has the utmost respect for his friend, Kevin Annett.  This brave White man has taken on the pope’s International White Power Structure centered within the “Sovereign State of Vatican City”

So the question begs to be asked… Does Phelps not know about Webre’s connection to Annett? or is he selecting which ‘White Savior’ to back and which one to attack? More importantly who is playing who for a fool and just who are the agents here?

As Greg Renouf has demonstrated in his research, Webre and Annett appear joined in un-holy matrimony so -to-speak since Annett was outed for having not sent bones to the Smithsonian and he decided to jump on the ‘Iran should hate Canadians’ bandwagon. Strangely, this receives plenty of attention from Iran’s PressTV Canadian correspondent, Joshua Blakeney who is also a founding member of Scholars for 9/11 Truth (the same organization sporting Alfred Webre).  See an article from Exopolitics Blog that shows just how similar the ITCCS Tribunal is to Webre’s 9/11 Tribunal Here.

To be sure, the Webre/Phelps/9/11 connection presents a stew-pot of conundrums that just adds more questions about Kevin than it answers.

But then again, in this post-9/11 conspiratorial world, should I expect anything less?

Propaganda for sheeple


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