Kevin’s Lies and Facebook Spies Part 1

20 Jan

minority reportYou’ve probably heard this somewhere before….. Facebook is evil.

I say this, because it is… plain and simple, and it is full of spies.  Oh, I suppose you don’t believe in ‘actual spies’… well, then you are mucking about in this pig-pen called the internet with your eyes wide shut.  Facebook is run by the CIA, staffed and populated by the CIA and the FBI and all because they want to know what you’re up to.  Sure they don’t care whose bachelor party you got drunk at and puked all over the groom to be…(well they might if you are someone rich or famous)… What they really care about is where you stand on gun control, birth control, religion (left or right) and whether you think 9/11 was an inside job.  Tell, me… how many ‘real’ friends do you have on Facebook?  How many friends do you have because you clicked ‘Like’ on some cute-kitten picture with a witty caption?  How many ‘friends’ do you have because you posted how much you hate your local politician?  I’d bet way more than actual friends who you work with or hang out with.

The reason I am writing this today is to highlight just how many spies and agents there are lurking behind fake profiles on Facebook… all for the sole purpose of ‘data-mining’ and getting the dirt on you and your activist friends.  Some are also there to cause division amongst the members of your group simply to disrupt and disband any grass-roots movement you might want to start up.  Some are there to spread lies and misinformation to confuse and create controversy so that you never get that upward mobility your cause so desperately needs… They don’t care who YOU are… they just care about what you are doing…

Let me tell you a story….

Just before Christmas this past year, a man appeared in a group I created on Facebook called No White Saviors.  (Don’t bother looking for it now because I took the group down due to the drama I am about to unfold for you).  The group had 15 people total on it and not very many postings… mostly it was a place to discuss Kevin Annett and the concept of Aboriginal self determination.

This man who joined the group, named Charley Brown, had stated he was willing to help in my investigation of Kevin.  He claimed to have people in ‘Anonymous’ who would help us fill in any gaps in our information… personally I was most interested in finding out if Kevin had actually received an e-mail from Dr. Don Ortner of Smithsonian.  I have written before on the pitfalls of the Anon movement and have felt that the premise of Anon seems good on the surface but because it lacks ownership and responsibility for ones own actions, it cannot always be depended on to be a force for good.  In retrospect, I agree largely with this article on Anon and it’s activities.

charley brown

Charley Brown’s FB Profile Pic… Facebook Spy or Nice Guy? (I’m hopeful for the latter).

Charley had posted that anyone in the group should send their info on Kevin to him asap as this Anon group was meeting and would be discussing whether this Kevin ‘project’ (as Charley put it) was worthwhile.  So, I sent him the links to my blog, to Greg Renouf’s blog, to various letters (from Circle of Justice, Six Nations Confederacy, Jim Craven, Harriet Nahanee, people who had previously supported Kevin in Italy and elsewhere, and my own correspondences) and the BC Panel Decision (United Church).  Charley would not tell me what was happening only that what they had found would probably not make me (or others in the group) very happy.  At this point I had begun to suspect that Charley was a provocateur in the group as he was asking questions about other members and not about Kevin which was what I thought he was interested in.


  • December 14, 2012
  • Charley Brown

    I don’t think you guys are going to be happy with the results of the investigation.

  • Heather Martin

    Any result or no result is what it is…I am prepared for whatever the result is.. So as soon as you hear back, please message me first if you’d be so kind. I appreciate it! You are awesome for taking this on and now you can put this whole sorry mess behind you and concentrate on getting young and healthy again! Lol…

  • Charley Brown

    “You will not find our info in favor of the group you’ve seemed to side with Sir and man not like what our take on things is so be prepared. This happens when thorough investigation of the facts to the source are not fully carried out and you allow a bias to affect your doing so. That said, you are of course welcome to disregard our findings but we do know what we are doing and have approached this as outsiders and ‘group conflicts/dynamics’ is something I have a keen interest and this one fits to a tee what typically happens.

    We will speak in the next day or two, we are taking a day or two break for recoup and such… Hope you are feeling better soon !”

  • Charley Brown

    received this email just today

  • Charley Brown

    I would still like to maintain our friendship though, but there is one who will probably reject all of this.

    I think some evidence will come forward that I would not be comfortable putting out in public.

  • Heather Martin

    Well how bout you and I discuss that when we know what’s what?

  • December 15, 2012
  • Heather Martin

    What kind of evidence I wonder?? Any inklings…I’m concerned of course..

  • Charley Brown

    In my initial contact they told me that they had already been digging, and mentioned “a woman scorned”

  • Heather Martin

    Oh jeez that could be me after my divorce! Lol ok thanks charley! Will wait to hear..

  • Charley Brown

    It wasn’t about you.

  • Heather Martin

    Lol…I’m glad!

  • December 19, 2012
  • Charley Brown

    Heard you met a friend of mine.

This ‘friend’ was Emil Blonsky (aka Timm Wheeler – who for all I know could be Tim White – stalker and likely CIA/FBI stalker according to Barbara Hartwell – simply google Timothy White + CIA and prepare to enter a world of weirdness) whose Facebook page showed a muscular man with a baseball bat slung over his shoulder.  I looked into his page a bit (and added him as a friend around the same time as the above post although he had sent me a request on December 7th which I had ignored at that time.  Emil had a pleasant exchange with me to gain my confidence which wasn’t hard because I am a sucker for nice people.  As well, he had somewhere on his Emil or Timm Wheeler ‘about’ page that he will not tolerate government agent infiltrators… I remember thinking…”AWESOME!!!”  This is the kinda guy I like… sounds impartial and fair and no matter what I find out about Kevin it will be what it will be and I will live with that.  Boy was I wrong.

What ensued was the downward spiral from sanity into insanity that ultimately led to a tirade of hate-mail from a group member who suddenly suspected me of being Kevin, Lydia, an RCMP agent all in the span of 24 hours… It was crazy!  I thought I was either going to have a cardiac arrest or a stroke at the Kelowna bus station.  I couldn’t figure it out, except to say that I thought that Charley had been feeding disinformation to this person about me because I’d done a little investigating into Charley as well.  What freaked me out was that one of Charley’s friends was a military guy who I had come to know on a Facebook page of the person who had conned me with the ‘tunnel collapse’ picture from ground zero (see: Welcome to the Show).  This guy was US intelligence to the max! and I had seen him on pro military and pro-second amendment pages elsewhere.  I don’t know if he’s a nice guy, good guy or bad guy, but had my doubts about anyone (Charley) who was so PRO-American Indian Movement, who had a friend in the U.S. State Department.  It smelled fishy to me.

Anyways, it was this suspicion that came back to bite me in the butt….

I had tried to warn people that things had gone wrong… that I had misjudged these two characters and that I would be shutting down the group and leaving Facebook.  I had grown suspicious that this whole charade with Blonsky and Brown was a set-up to discredit Lydia and Royce White Calf and had told myself that if their so-called report was about them, then I’d know we’d been conned.  I knew that from speaking with Royce and hearing his words that Kevin Annett DOES NOT, nor will he EVER speak for Native/Indigenous people in Canada or in the US, and any member of AIM… certainly any full-blooded ‘Indian’ would respect that.  Charley chooses to ignore that.

So the Anon report which came out a few days ago confirmed for me how little interest Charlie and Emil had for seeking the truth.  Their actions reveal as well, just who they are working for and that Kevin used them to infiltrate our group (and perhaps others) in order to promote Kevin to sainthood by producing this crock of lies from their information gathering stint (aka. ‘spying’).

I would like to break down the lies a bit in detail.

Lie #1- Kevin claims to not be a ‘white savior’ and wants ‘his own people’ to be held accountable for crimes against First Nations people.

Kevin has claimed to be Celtic, English, Metis, adopted Anishinaabe (Eagle Strong Voice), and a ‘Reverend’..  I am curious which of ‘his own people’ would that be?

Lie #2 – Under the claims being investigated, Anon states that Kevin Annetts use of Harriet Nahanee’s signatures that were posted on the No White Saviors FB page might have been poor judgement, but do not constitute fraud. These signatures were obtained from Nell Cole (ex-producer of Kevin’s radio show) which were given to Greg Renouf for analysis and found to be identical. The ‘support’ letter from Harriet Nahannee appeared after her death and was used by Kevin to refute claims by Jim Craven (a lifelong friend of Nahannee) that she no longer supported him.  Jim has supplied this blogger with the e-mail from her to him stating she no longer supported Annett.  The report explains that the state ‘sets up’ activists for the fall.  However, Harriet Nahanee was highly involved in the Leonard Pelletier Defence Fund and other activist causes and so the same argument could be applied (and should be) to her as well.  Their argument is that defamation of character isn’t considered fraud.  We’ll see…

Lie #3 – Kevin is not a Marxist.  Kevin most assuredly is a member of the International Socialists and has had speaking engagements that state so.  And while the Cold War is over, the kind of Marxist Anarchist propaganda that Kevin promotes is certainly everyones concern.  Please see Greg Renouf’s blog for Kevin’s connections to anarchists, and political leftists in this country.

Lie #3 – While not a provable lie at this point, we do have reason to believe that Kevin had more to do with WCW Enterprises than is in the public eye.  It is curious that Kevin claims to have no relationship with his mother or brother since the WCW Ent. scandal in the late 80’s, yet his brother paid for his lawyers during his defrocking hearings and his mother appeared as a witness for him.  To this date, Margaret remains in litigation with RainCoast Water and other companies over the scandal to sell bulk water illegally.

Lie #4 – Kevin’s Kangaroo Kourt is legal!  Kevin’s ITCCS has failed to meet the criteria for a credible common law court and falls more in line with some of the more radical elements of the ‘sovereign movement‘.The report argues that the effort to expose him escalated after he issued the summons to the pope, queen and Stephen Harper, thereby implying that all those who oppose him are paid agents of the above mentioned three entities.  On the contrary, It was purely accidental (or not if you believe in devine intervention) that I began exposing him.  Greg Renouf came to know Kevin through his experiences at Occupy Toronto and Vancouver and Pagan Media That Bites has been doing much more in depth research into him for much longer than that.  The truth is that Kevin increased his exposure to people with critical minds the more he wrote about what he was doing and the more YouTube video’s he put out there.  There is no conspiracy against Kevin… we’re pretty open about who we are and why we do what we do.  To cite Salem News as a credible source that proves Kevin’s claims of unfair persecution is laughable at best as both Kevin and Bill Annett write copious articles for Salem-News.  They hardly make impartial witnesses.

Lie #5 Kevin Annett was blind-sided by Jason Bowman.  Kevin Annett knew exactly who Jason Bowman was and endorsed him heavily on the radio shows (his and others) stating that they (together) were filing an injunction in court against the Pope, Queen and Stephen Harper.  When Jason Bowman was grilled by Greg Renouf about the fine legal points of law such as ‘de jure’ and ‘common-law’ to which Bowman was unable to answer, Kevin threw him under the bus and painted Bowman as the ‘lone nut’ in his little conspiracy.  Bowman worked at that time with Bill Squire’s of Mohawk Territory who was once a supporter of Kevin’s.  Squire appears in many of Kevin’s videos regarding the dig at Brantford.  Bowman still lavishes support of Kevin’s activities, so there is likely some relationship there that survived the squashing by said bus.

Lie #6 I have a show on APTN and that I stated in my own words that I was concerned that by showing Unrepentant it would affect funding to APTN.     WOW!!!! This is the grossest of lies I think told about me to date… and the most laughable… I do not, nor have I ever had a show on APTN.. please search the archives to find me there… You won’t.  As well, my decision to not show Unrepentant at the WUFF 2012 Film Festival (Wake Up Film Festival… in conjunction with 9/11JusticeCanada)was because of my concern about spreading the truth and not promoting liars.  The festival would have put me about $1200 buck out of my own pocket, and I planned on showing films by Dan Dicks/Bryan Law, Michael Murphy and others… I have always said that my problem was that I didn’t want to show a film that would re-victimize the victims of the IRS’s.  I even said so to Kevin himself and gave him the benefit of the doubt until I read the Circle of Justice letter and the Panel decision… I dare you ‘Emil’ to prove I work for APTN and only care about their ‘funding’…(LOL, ROFL)

Below is my correspondence to the 9/11JusticeCanada group:
On Mon, Jul 16, 2012 at 7:48 PM, Heather Martin <> wrote:
Hi All,

A friend has posted information on FB containing a link to a letter from Circle of Justice to Kevin Annett.  After reviewing the concerns presented by Circle of Justice (even though the letter was written in 1998), I have decided to pull the film from our line-up as the concerns presented by COJ describe unethical research methods and worse, in order to produce the film.  The film, while shedding light on a problem, re-victimized the victims of this tragic affair and I feel strongly that showing it will damage Saskatchewan Truth Networks credibility in it’s infancy.  Saskatchewan has a rich Aboriginal heritage which I choose to honor in this way.
I thought you should know what we were doing.  I am looking for an alternative to show that day, but might just leave it at four films over the weekend.
All the best,
Lie #7 – Involves Lydia WHITE CALF, NOT WHITE CLOUD…idiots…. Allegedly sleeping with Kevin Annett…. This is the typical attack strategy… to discredit the ‘white female’… haven’t we seen this script before… “it was SHE who seduced the man, your honor”…. they call it slut-shaming at my kids high school these days….
The point is that I don’t believe a word of it and it really seems a desperate last ditch attempt at driving a wedge between Lydia and Royce.  All I have to say is Nice Try… Won’t Work… In fact, I’d watch out because I hear that lately they’ve become a spiritual force to be reckoned with.

These are only some of the lies concocted, stitched together, and regurgitated for the unwitting masses in this bogus report by ‘Anon’.  Despite Charley’s assertion that he wouldn’t feel comfortable putting some info in the report ‘out-there’, he did anyways and published it to his FB page for his friends (State Department and AIM) to see.    I have no doubt that Kevin will use this to promote his ‘resurrection’ in an attempt to revive interest (and those handy donations) in his Kangaroo Kourt.

It is so sad and unfortunate that Kevin had to stoop to such a level as this in order to make himself look like a half decent person.  Too bad it didn’t work…


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4 responses to “Kevin’s Lies and Facebook Spies Part 1

  1. xtofury

    January 21, 2013 at 7:44 pm

    Spot on, and anonymous are never to be trusted, they are CIA/NSA/U.N. puppets.

  2. Nell Cole

    February 5, 2013 at 9:06 pm

    I only gave Greg the The ‘support’ letter from Harriet Nahannee with no intention of any signature being compared or knowledge that a 2nd letter existed that has a signature. Within a short time Greg had found another letter and compared the two. I agreed after seeing these signatures that there was something very wrong in how similar they were.

    I also spw an anonymous person about investigating Kevin. He seem very interested in speaking to me but when I got him on the phone he kept the conversation short due to personal reasons on his side. I was not impressed with the amount of investigation he did or his final report. I removed myself from him. Something didn’t feel right about the whole thing. How can you step into a network and understand it with only a few short phone calls?

    I don’t know who Kevin is and at this point I don’t care. I have moved on with my life.

  3. n2kmaster

    August 9, 2013 at 1:21 pm WAY more info on this Tim White aka Timm Wheeler fella. You are right, he’s there for one reason to attack the activists. Its all he does. My story is a little different than yours but pretty much the same results:

    Timm Wheeler was on my list, just like the people above, thought hey cool he’s a fighter. Can be trusted etc. NOPE! Not the case.

    Beginning of this year (End of Jan, early Feb) he sent me this PDF file trying to warn me of people on my list being guilty of child trafficking, claiming this BIG story coming from Darknet was all about them etc.Of course no proof placing the blame on these people but sent me a pdf file. The pdf file was a pricing guide on children. After doing 1 scan with PDF Resurrect, established it had been faked.

    Went and doubled checked google docs to verify what i seen in PDF Resurrect, I was right, it had been faked. When questioning Wheeler about the file, I was blocked. But not just blocked, no no, that would’ve been too easy. The insanity began.

    The stories began with him, first I was not only part of this group of child traffickers, according to his “sources” which he never showed, I was apparently now the ring leader on this. When that story was pretty much put to rest with this screenshot, the story changed:

    But of course a legitimate document like that needs a nurse with a handicapped child at home to report it for him. When she refused to turn in the faked documents, Wheeler spazzed, went on this war path with an “official” anonymous operation dubbed “opConnie” which made him the laughing stock of the anon communities. NO ONE helped. It was nothing more than a bunch of rampant flagging and reporting on facebook which is what he believes makes him an “IT Specialist” despite not being able to tell the difference between Ubuntu and Backtrack Kali. And of course, legal legitimate documents need jail cover huh?

    Of course Wheeler doesn’t want you to know any of this happened. And you had better not question him on these either. Or you suddenly become a target for nonsense. How do I know, proved him wrong almost 8 months ago, he’s still lurking. Last time was the last straw for me, he threatened 2 children that aren’t mine and a woman to “get at me”.

    This of course came after 7 months of his attacking trying to provide belief that he DOESN’T do anything of the sort, despite leaving his name, number, email address, and ip address on the email. He reported this to facebook to keep them out of your view.

    He works with a woman out of Ontario who’s nuttier than bat shit herself. She’s smoke the Wheeler crack pipe and is completely convinced to the point that even tho there is proof against her allegations towards people in the community, she blindly believes what Wheeler says and done (like a good little monkey) despite the ramifications. She and Wheeler are directly responsible for disrupting Operation Little Darlings, an anti-pedo operation.But according to Wheeler, he doesn’t stalk women and children online, neither do his cohorts….We have screenshots stating other. How about a public threat of rape on Truth Canada’s Movement wall. A page run by Sabine Wurm who has already pissed off most of the Anonymous Germany movements and been banished for the nonsense and garbage he brought to the table. But of course, they deleted this after their own members spoke up about the matter. We still got the screenshot which is all that matters. Despite all the screenshots and a year of proof claiming Timm Wheeler is a nutjob stalker on facebook, she still believes that she is somehow doing good by sympathizing with this creep online rampantly flagging and reporting stuff herself in order to protect the child stalker by opening site after site after site with the same misinformation printed on each with the story changing every time its told. Of course no facts nor proof shown. They will modify documentation to make themselves seem less nuts, despite what they have printed has already been proven to be a lie.

    Wheeler himself is 54 years old, his live in boyfriend who has listed Wheeler as his father on facebook for an insurance scam, is 19 year old Austin Johnson. Austin will do all the puppet work for Timm Wheeler so that Timm Wheeler can keep his name clear. Puppet work showcased here when Wheeler decided to call Kage a rat and pedo himself, when he was confronted the only thing Wheeler says is a bunch of nonsensical ramblings of a madman to try and make himself more intelligent than the conversation at hand. Which is not the case, he’s usually methed right out of his mind.

    Here’s the criminal record of Timm Wheeler in full, already charged and convicted of Meth dealing and indecent exposure. IF you have the misfortune of finding this fella or he finds you, block him and report him asap. He is a danger to you, your family, your kids, your job, and to what you are standing for.
    There are already numerous complaints filed with the Dallas Crime Stoppers and IC3 about him. He has also been reported to his ISP, RoadRunner Time Warner.



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