Personality vs. Essence

07 Feb

“Let us come to some of the main ideas which deal with the question of how a man can change his being.” – Maurice Nicoll on the writings of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky (1941)

It has been a dry blogging start to 2013, but perhaps that’s because 2013 is supposed to be about change and after the high-wire kind of tension I’d experienced at the end of 2012 it was time to take a break and evaluate where this blog is going and more importantly why…

Not much came from the websites hosted by Kevin at the start of this year, although he did have a radio interview or two and was able to write a few articles that put down Idle No More and Elders and Chiefs and Indian’s in general for wanting to have more say in how their lives are affected by government and Tribal Councils.

It wasn’t that I was even waiting for Kevin to drop the next ‘big idea’ onto the public stage since the “International Tribunal” has basically gone no where (aka ‘fizzled into a tea cozy’), done nothing and led a lot of people down the proverbial path only to find themselves a little lighter in the pocket book for it.

The question was, what could Kevin do now?  Who is left to con?… More importantly, did I even care anymore?

The First Nations people, in this country at least, have made it loud and clear that they don’t want Kevin (or Caoimin Uih Niahl), or ‘Eagle Strong Voice’ anywhere near them. They have started the conversation about healing, autonomy and government amongst themselves and, although not perfect, it is at least a start.  Reality is that I have had less time to care about what Kevin is up to these days…

However, I recently listened in on Kevin’s new show “We The Jury”, where his first guests talked extensively about not paying taxes as a way of sticking it to the government and about sovereignty. (Strange how Kevin is always about starting new things and never about finishing them.)  Kevin’s next guest was Trace A. DeMeyer, a really well spoken and well educated woman who is raising awareness about adopted native children who have been lost to the system.  At her webpage, she blogs about her personal experience and offers help and insights to others, who, like her, were taken from their parents and placed into foster homes (most often non-Indian).  She highlights that this issue has added to the problem of Native identity in the US and Canada and that people need to understand how the system was set up and why it fails Native children and our society in general.  I found her to be articulate and endearing and I cringed thinking that somehow this lovely woman has gotten mixed up with a liar like Kevin “Eagle Strong Voice” Annett.

I prayed that she not end up like the other women who supported Kevin….. like Nell Cole (who once produced Kevin’s show and built his network, who now considers him a waste of her breath), and Camilla, who organized the Italian delegation that was to meet with Italian activists, who was later slandered under Kevin’s alias Jeremiah Jourdain.  Or, like Lydia White Calf, who heavily financed Kevins travels and promoted his work who has since been labelled a black operative. How about Jan Longboat, a Mohawk Elder at Six Nations who helped Kevin get to the Mush Hole to dig (also labelled a black-operative), or Harriet Nahanee whose signature he forged after her death to create an ‘endorsement’ of him by her (smear artist)?  What about the women who gave him their eyewitness testimony about alleged RCMP involvement in the Picton murders, only to publish their names and addresses on the internet for all to see (thereby putting their lives in danger and ruining any chance at a thorough investigation into RCMP corruption).

And there are many others to be sure… the question is: Will Trace DeMeyer be Kevin’s next casualty?

I suppose if she learns the reality about Kevin and chooses to ignore it, she may go through her  life and work completely unscathed.  However, if she looks past the suave veneer… he will become that wrecking ball in her life.

You see, what I like so much about Trace and what she is doing is that she has no hidden agenda.  She focuses on the positives… on looking for solutions rather than blame.  She also comes from a place that is loving, empathic and she earns the trust of others BECAUSE she has walked a mile in the survivors moccasins.  She is a person of essence.  This kind of a person never lasts long in the presence of a person who is all about their personality, because essence is light and it constantly seeks to travel upwards and out.  Personality, however is anchored so deeply in maintaining the ego that it cannot stand essence except to say that it can take advantage of it or try to destroy it.

This is why he hates Idle No More, and true tribal Elders, and people who cling to their faith.  This is why he hates those who question him and uses deceit to fleece the unwitting public.  Personality just can’t abide the one value that fills man’s heart….HOPE.

What I have come to learn is that Kevin (and there are plenty of people in the world like him) has invested so heavily in his image, his reputation and his message, that it has killed the essence of who he really is.  That is why he has concocted this Tribunal and why he sanctimoniously declares that he is bringing corruption to it’s knees.  What is so sad is that it is people like Trace who are actually helping people… while Kevin hopes to become famous.

As in the quote above, Nicoll asked about getting down to talking about how a man can change his being.  Personally, I don’t think Kevin will ever stop what he is doing.  It is part of his DNA to do what he does.  But it is my hope and my prayer that those who can see what people like Trace are doing for her own people, will choose the light that is her essence and follow it and support it instead of the dark personality that is Kevin and what he does.  It is my hope that Trace can see Kevin for what he is and choose not to involve him in her work.  To do so, I’m afraid, would extinguish that light.

My recommendation, support her, read her books, join the conversation….The voice of a survivors experience can’t be wrong.


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5 responses to “Personality vs. Essence

  1. Nell Cole

    February 8, 2013 at 2:59 pm

    Here is my show I did with Trace. I have spoken to here several times. I enjoyed reading her book as well. The show has a lot of information about adoption.

  2. Nell Cole

    February 8, 2013 at 3:01 pm

    I can’t remember at this point if I met her from Kevin or introduced her to him. Too many guest and too many conversations. Either way, Trace is not part of his network to my knowledge. She normally just does a show here and there depending on if someone ask.

  3. Nell Cole

    February 8, 2013 at 3:09 pm

    Andrew has been around for a couple of years now. He has been on past shows talking about the same kind of thing. I believe he has his own show out there somewhere. I am not sure if he still does it. He is very good at tech stuff and helped Kevin get his book online. Hidden No longer site out there somewhere as well. Has been listed on the ITCC site at one time. I don’t think he is there any more. Seems to be the guy who knows loop holes in the law kind of thing. I am not sure what extent their connection is anymore. I was surprised to see his name pop up on the show description. They do those kind of shows like that and nothing ever comes of it..

  4. Nell Cole

    February 8, 2013 at 3:16 pm

    The link above is for another show Andrew was on: Andrew-Neil Paterson grew up in Vancouver, he suspected early in life that things were not as they seemed to be. An avid reader of non-fiction and history, he became aware of some of the history that has been hidden from the majority of people. Recognizing that the shadow global government relies on our support and consent, He is actively seeking methods to withdraw both.


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